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A charm bracelet is a special piece of jewellery that can hold charms--up to fifteen at once. An empty charm bracelet weighs 1/9 lb.


To add a charm to the bracelet, the syntax is:

add <charm> to <bracelet> 

To remove a charm from the bracelet, the syntax is:

remove <charm> from <bracelet> 

Charms must be removed from the bracelet before anything can be done with them; charm bracelets act as a container in that respect.

Long description

There are two types of charm bracelet.

A delicate charm bracelet, each narrow silver link engraved with a sinuous vine pattern.
<charms> hang from the silver charm bracelet.
The thick links of this gold charm bracelet are almost rectangular in shape, making this an interesting, if somewhat chunky looking piece of jewellery.
<charms> hang from the gold charm bracelet.


Both types can be bought from a tiny shop on Okra Avenue in Genua, or a sparkling clean stall that sometimes appears in the Djelibeybi bazaar.