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Command information
GP Cost 35
Learnt At 20 of fighting.special.mounted
Skills Used fighting.special.mounted,
Items Needed Mount
Guild Available to all

Charge is a fighting command which can be used while mounted to perform an attack on an opponent together with your mount.

You must not already be in combat. If already in combat, use storm.


Charge can be learned at 20 levels of fighting.special.mounted from a guild instructor or from another player who has the command.


charge <living> at a {walk|trot|canter|gallop} with <weapon>
charge <living> at a {walk|trot|canter|gallop}


You prepare to shout "EAT THIS!" upon joining combat.
You hunch down over the liver chestnut horse and spur her into a walk at the haggling Hong salesman.
You charge straight into the haggling Hong salesman, putting all your weight into the blow.
You shout: EAT THIS!
The haggling Hong salesman is rocked by the bloodcurdling warcry.
You launch a powerful attack.  You chop up the protective Hong bodyguard's head with your axe that marks the spot as she leaps in at the last moment to protect the haggling Hong salesman.
The liver chestnut horse launches a powerful attack.  The liver chestnut horse crushes her hoof into the protective Hong bodyguard's right leg as the protective Hong bodyguard leaps in at the last moment to protect the haggling Hong salesman.


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