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When the ward is triggered, the thief is anchored to the disc and cannot passage, etc.
==See also==
==See also==

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Celestial Anchor
Ritual information
Nickname ?
Deities Fish
Available to followers of None
GP cost 120
Components holy symbol
Required powers speech
Learned At
Resisted By
Type Defensive
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help

Celestial Anchor is a priest ritual that anchors the target, preventing them from using Divine Hand or Visit.


This ritual costs 120 GP, and is performed on yourself or another living thing. It is pk-checked.

It requires the power of speech.


This ritual uses faith.rituals.defensive.self or faith.rituals.offensive.target, depending who it is performed on.


Performing messages


You recite a psalm of tranquility.
You speak a prayer of stability.
You pray to Fish to keep yourself firmly rooted to the Disc.


You are tethered to the Disc by the power of Fish.

Success (already under the ritual's effect)

Your divine anchorage has been renewed.


You sense that Fish was uninterested in your request.

To others

Details needed.


When under the effect of this ritual, trying to passage has this effect:

You say a prayer over a ribboned baton (consecrated to Fish and remembering).
You attempt to visualise the place that you remembered.
You pray to Fish to grant you the means to travel there.
You meditate on the glory of Fish but your divine anchorage keeps you tethered in place. 

When under the effects of the ritual, you get a line added to your description:

He has the divine anchor of Fish around his waist.

You get various messages while the ritual is in effect, and a warning twenty seconds before it wears off:

Your divine tethers are unravelling.

When it wears off, you see this:

Your divine tethers shimmer and vanish.


When the ward is triggered, the thief is anchored to the disc and cannot passage, etc.

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