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I see that you are altering several articles' judge data, to values along the lines of '10/10 Excellent'.
Please could you either revert or justify your changes.

  • There are actually 15 judge categories, not 10 - thus stating values out of 10 is not helpful.
  • The judge rating that a player sees is subjective, and is thus effectively meaningless without indicating their bonus. For example, a weapon that you judge as 'Very good' may be judged by another with a higher bonus as 'Reasonable'.
  • Designating "X/Y judge-rating" is incompatible with {{infobox weapon}}'s syntax, making future migration awkward. Please just give the rating (ie. 'very good' or 'poor' or 'excellent', etc) - the X/Y part is only tolerated for the purposes of back compatibility, and even then only after the rating.

If you're unsure, please read 'judge' for information on all of the above.
--Chat 22:20, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

The quality rating in the table is to facilitate the sorting of weapons by quality. The /10 system is a relic from Coilla's site; I take no issue with changing them to a /15 system, obviously, since it's the correct number of categories. -TherionAndAlts 07:30, 16 September 2009 (UTC)