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Is it useful or desireable to have weapons categorized as items, considering they're already categorized as weapons and as whatever type of weapon (both of which are, themselves, categorized as items)? It seems a little... redundant and cluttered, when the majority of "items" are weapons; makes it hard to browse for anything else. Maybe we could just keep the ones that have non-weapon uses?

--Ilde 10:09, 15 April 2010 (UTC)

Mmm. I think items should only be for those without other categories that are themselves in items. Like all in Category:Weapons are in Category:Items so they shouldn't be there. To group items that have other uses, I think they should be in other categories (the category being in items) say like artifacts, for those that Fabrication Classification Identification recognizes as such. The endgame of that concept would probably be to ultimately have no items directly in items (because they can all be grouped with similar items) except maybe those waiting to be categorized or those that the person doesn't know where to put so someone can find them and assign them.
As for the items in both categories weapons and their weapon type, I'm not sure they need to be in weapons too... Searching the wiki is easier to locate a weapon you don't know the type. The list in the category doesn't show all items if there's too many (need to click to see the next 200, etc.) and the tables in the weapon type is surely more helpful to find weapons you like. If we really need to I guess there could be a template to take all items in a category and display the items with characteristics from the infobox automatically. Actually that might be easier to manage than the tables fixed by hand if we can figure out to do it.
So to sum up my position, I think if ALL the items of a category fit in another category we might as well just put the category in the other one, not all the items. Clicking a couple times to go up the hierarchy isn't a huge burden, and even if it becomes so, the categories might be put in many or all parent categories if needed. --Frazyl 17:55, 15 April 2010 (UTC)