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This page details individual weapons on the Discworld MUD. For a discussion on weapon mechanics, click here.

You can add weapons to this database quickly and easily! See this article for details.

Weapons are used in the Discworld MUD to (typically) kill things. Most are melee-oriented, but many are well suited to throwing. Certain weapons such as the crossbow and blowpipe are available in game but are of extremely limited use to non-Assassins.

Weapons can be found in shops, or in the possession of players and NPCs. Certain weapons can only be acquired by completing Quests; those weapons are detailed here, but the means of getting them are not.

The Judge skill can be used to assess the quality of a weapon (vurdere is used for armour). Note, however, that this command is only available after the player has 5 levels of the skill adventuring.evaluating.weapons.

There are several types of weapon on the Discworld, divided into the following categories:

  • Axes range from the quite light to the very heavy, with a wide range to choose from.
  • Daggers are light and fast; they sacrifice damage for speed and covert utility.
  • Flails range in size from the light, fast nunchaku to massive two-handed thrashy nightmares.
  • Heavy-swords include most of the largest, slowest, heaviest, and most powerful swords in the game.
  • Maces come in many shapes and sizes, all well suited to braining the enemy.
  • Polearms tend to be slow and difficult to use, but are quite damaging in skilled hands.
  • Swords come in many shapes and sizes, and are one of the most versatile weapons in the game.
  • Misc weapons are anything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories.