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*{{Itemdb|3551|altar-style display cabinet}}
*{{Itemdb|3551|altar-style display cabinet}}
*{{Itemdb|3550|camphor trophy cabinet}}
*{{Itemdb|3550|camphor trophy cabinet}}
*{{Itemdb|2368|leggy chest}}
*{{Itemdb|2369|octagonal table}}
*{{Itemdb|2370|okra candelabrum}}
*{{Itemdb|6417|okra candlestick}}
*{{Itemdb|6417|okra candlestick}}
*{{Itemdb|2371|snake table}}
*{{Itemdb|2499|carved stone bench}}

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Furniture is a specific type of item. Only furniture can be placed within real estate to become part of the room description there. The properties of an item of furniture are maintained when it is placed, thus providing highly prized storage for still more items. Other functions of furniture include mirrors, light sources, and even sources of fresh water. Less functional properties of furniture include decorative themes and random thematic messages also known as spam.

Furniture with capacity

The exact capacity for furniture can be found by filling it with small items (such as pieces of paper) until no more can be put in, and for the weight capacity, putting heavy things with a known weight in it (studded leather jackets work well for this, but anything heavy that has been weighed on a balance is fine) until no more can be put in, then attempting to put progressively lighter things in until it's completely full--being sure to stay under the item limit--and then adding up the total weights. An approximation of furniture's capacity, however, can be gotten with appraise. Precise capacities should be bolded[1], and capacities from appraise shouldn't be.

Due to code change, only objects whose dimensions fit within the dimensions of the furniture can now be stored inside it.

Warning: be advised that furniture that says it has several compartments like the ebony writing bureau that has three drawers might only fit smaller objects, presumably one third of the size in this case, even while some items like some clothing seem to fit small containers despite their size.

Source Item name Length Width Weight
of items
Liquid Type Notes
Kefka's db Dimensions (ft) Capacity
[1] <adjective> <gender> <guild>  dummy This is a finely crafted dummy, designed for displaying prized clothes and armour on. <adjective>, it has been made to look like a <guild>, and it would make an impressive addition to any room.  &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+90000 100 &&&&&+9000 10 dummy
[2] <adjective> <gender> <guild>  mannequin This is an exquisite mannequin, designed for displaying the most elegant and tasteful clothes and armour on. <adjective>, it has been made to look like a <guild>, and it would make an impressive addition to any room. It is of much better quality and its design is much more detailed than your average dummy.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+18000 20 dummy
[3]  Agatean pine chest of drawers A simple chest of drawers formed of genuine Agatean pine, sturdy and functional. The grain of the wood is a little mismatched testifying to the desire of the manufacturer to create something functional rather than beautiful. Five drawers are set into the front each bearing two knobs of the same material. Very slight ornamentation has been added in the form of gentle curves delineating the edges and unornamented top.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+39600 44 &&&&+72000 80 chest of drawers
[4]  antique coffee table This coffee table is typical of Ankh-Morpork style, with round, smooth edges, and a slight hint towards the traditional coffee table style. It looks old, and could even be called an antique. An antique coffee table. It looks so special, it probably belongs in a museum. Several pairs of handcuffs hang jauntily from the legs, along with a small key dangling on a delicate chain.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[5]  antique drinks cabinet This is a fairly simple rectangular cabinet made from golden-grained teak. Plain, yet elegant brass hinges and knobs and the glass front catch the light with a soft gleam, while inside, two sturdy shelves offer support for any good host's needs. Time and loving hands have worn down most of the sharp edges, but this only adds to the lustre of the wood.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+27000 30 &&&&+27000 30 cabinet
[6]  antique food basket Used for carrying food in the older times, now refurbished, this antique food basket is now a curious ornament to a contemporary eye. Still usable for storage, if not for food, the handle is made of bamboo that has been bent into shape. Retrieved from the Sum Dim countryside, no two of these baskets are alike.  &&&&&&+450 6/12 &&&&&&+450 6/12 &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&+18000 20 basket
[7]  antique mahogany chest This chest is made of mahogany, each of its surfaces decorated with intricate patterns. Running around the bulk of this obviously antique piece of furniture are two stripes of brass and a matching set has been embedded in its lid. On the front of the chest, the stripes converge around a small keyhole.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+63000 70 chest
[8]  antique pagoda armoire This is an aged pagoda armoire. Resembling a pagoda, it has the unlikely ability to look sturdy and strong at the same time as beautiful and delicate. Its base, the largest part of the piece, is supported by four thin wooden feet. Whilst the closet space inside gets narrower the higher up you go and is topped off with a flared roof panel whose corners curl upwards. Two long doors sit at the front, proudly showing off their marble-like finish.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+19800 22 &&&&+54000 60 wardrobe
[9]  antique rolltop desk Years of use have left their mark, but not marred the finish of this lovingly polished piece. The wooden slats forming the cover of the desk still slide smoothly on their gleaming brass hinges and rails, and the writing surface is covered with a well worn, burnished leather blotter. Old brass drawer pulls shine subtly against the dark stained wood, their locks glinting in the light. Overall, the heavy and solid workmanship, built to last generations, makes this a classic and pleasingly substantial piece.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+79200 88 desk
[10]  antique rose-pattern wardrobe This is a rather big wardrobe. Engraved into its sides are a large number of rose patterns, none of which seem to be identical. Judging by its general appearance, this piece of furniture is quite old, one could even say antique. A brass lock is set into the wardrobe's door to keep whatever is inside safe from spying eyes.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+39600 44 &&&&+72000 80 wardrobe
[11]  antique steel range This is an antique steel range which has been preserved relatively well considering its age. It reeks of several decades of loving care, partially because food several decades old is stuck to it in awkward places. A long shelf runs over the fume hood, and four large elements have been placed on the steel heating surface. Several curlicued licks of steel adorn the oven's door, leading down into four feet shaped like a pig's trotters.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 fire
 ?  antique wooden escritoire   &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 desk
[12]  apple wood bookcase This is a tall, narrow bookcase made of apple wood. The top is a lovely piece of polished granite.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&&+825 11/12 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+63000 70 bookshelf Has chats (see section below).
[13]  apple-wood wardrobe Carved from soft, untreated apple wood, this small wardrobe still gives off the faint sweet scent of its fruit. It is carved along simple, uncomplicated lines, nothing fancy, but very home-like and peaceful.  &&&&+13500 15 &&&&+12150 13 1/2 &&&&+45000 50 &&&&+72000 80 wardrobe
[14]  Auriental coffee table This coffee table is obviously from the Agatean Empire, as it has traditional Auriental symbols etched into its surface. It has been polished so many times, it seems, that glue itself would probably slide off. Several pairs of handcuffs hang jauntily from the legs, along with a small key dangling on a delicate chain.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[15]  bamboo chest Being made out of bamboo, this chest would hardly withstand any attempt to force it open. For this very reason, no lock has been attached to it.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+19800 22 &&&&+54000 60 chest
[16]  bamboo plant stand This is a square stand made from short lengths of bamboo that have been lashed together with twine. It has two shelves that are stacked on top of each other, each wide enough to hold a large pot or a fair few magazines. It looks as though it would be right at home sitting next to a futon.  &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&+14400 16 &&&&+45000 50 stand
[17]  barrel umbrella stand This small wooden barrel is quite narrow, making it very suitable for use as an umbrella stand.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&+18000 20 stand
[18]  bedside cabinet This is a small, mahogany bedside cabinet. It has one top drawer.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 cabinet
[19]  bedside cabinet This is a cheap bedside cabinet made out of worn planks that look as if they've been drifting around in dirty Ankh water for quite a while. It lends the cabinet a very authentic aura.  (cheap) &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 cabinet
[20]  black bin The tall, open-top wooden bin is little more than a large tube with a plain lid to help keep in any odours. Whilst it is highly polished, this is more to aid in keeping it clean as much as for any aesthetic value. However, it is has been brightened up considerably by the paintings of bottles, fruits and chopsticks around the sides, ensuring it would fit right at home in any kitchen.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&+10800 12 bin
[21]  black coffee table This is a low table, with the top dyed graphite grey and lacquered. It rests on a single metal foot in the centre, which splits into a cross shaped base. It looks fancy and mildly macabre, but not particularly stable.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[22]  black marble mantelpiece This is a black marble mantelpiece, a flat piece of stone designed to be placed above a fireplace to form a decorative shelf. The shiny black marble features veins of white, providing a nice decorative contrast.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 mantlepiece
[23]  black nightstand This is a small lacquered bedside cabinet. By the look of it, it's made of moderately thin oak planks, dyed graphite black and lacquered. It looks nice, albeit a bit sombre by many people's taste. It has one top drawer.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+19800 22 &&&&+54000 60 nightstand
[24]  black wooden coffin table This is a strange amalgamation of a coffee table and a coffin. It is of the traditional coffee table height, but shaped like a coffin. The top is black, inlaid with gold fluting around the edge and the word "RIP" the centre. The underside has been padded, just like the inside of a coffin lid.

It appears to have something written on it. 

&&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 table
[25]  blue lacquered bar This is a stout bar, perfect for placing drinks and bottles on while their contents are waiting to be consumed and poured. Lacquered a Djelian blue and decorated with dancing geishas and flowing fountains, this is definitely a piece that was made with an aristocratic home in mind.  &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&+18000 20 &&&&+10800 12 bar
[26]  carved camphor mahogany chest This is a large camphor mahogany chest which has been ornately carved with a seafaring motif. Large leaves border the edges, while a large ship and brass lock sit firmly on each side.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+39600 44 &&&&+72000 80 chest
[27]  carved cottonwood armoire This is an odd looking armoire. It is tall and thin, about half the width of your average armoire. The bottom half looks delicate and pretty as the wood has been carved into genteel patterns, whilst the top half is the container space. Two petite doors allow access to this interior. It is made from cottonwood and the colour makes it a magnificent summer piece.  &&&&&&&+75 1/12 &&&&&&&+75 1/12 &&&&+39600 44 &&&&+72000 80 wardrobe
[28]  carved mahogany shelf This is an ornate shelf carved from mahogany. The backing board is carved with a detailed representation of a lion's head, while the twin brackets that support the shelf itself are carved to depict feline legs and paws, the claws seeming to grip tightly onto the bottom piece of wood. The claws themselves are inlaid with bone, completing the animal look.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 shelf
[29]  carved pine mantelpiece This is a carved pine mantelpiece. A symmetrical floral motif runs along its front, the two ends meeting in a bouquet of roses about the centre.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&+27000 30 mantelpiece
 ?  cast iron bathtub   &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 52 gallons bathtub
[30]  cast iron cookstove This is a simple cast iron cookstove, lacking a fume hood and many of the frills evident in fancier models. Although nothing more than a plain and matte black finish adorns its modest exterior, it looks big enough to cook a witch.  &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 fire
[31]  cast iron parlour stove This cast iron parlour stove is an impressive stove with exquisitely detailed castings and platings. Flowing intricate detailing and cast work are the hallmarks of this stove and make it a truly artistic masterpiece. Set back on four sturdy yet delicate-looking feet, this flower-print parlour stove is sure to become the distinguished centrepiece in almost any home.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 fire
[32]  cheap wooden bookcase This is a plain wooden bookcase, made out of badly fitting planks. It's rough and not very decorative but it offers plenty of space to put books.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+24300 27 &&&&+54000 60 bookshelf
[33]  cherry bookshelf This is a tall, cherry bookshelf. It has three shelves in it to hold books or curios.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&+59400 66 &&&&+67500 75 bookshelf
[34]  chi dragon lantern stand This red and gold lantern stand has a square upper platform, supported by four hanging spandrels which are pierced and carved with chi dragon motifs. The post stands on a cross-piece base shaped with upturned feet supported on three standing spandrels also with dragon motif carvings.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+18000 20 stand
 ?  clay pot This is a typical round clay pot, unglazed and rather boring in general.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+39600 44 &&&&+72000 80 pot Can have plants planted in it.
[35]  console table Built of alder, a wood noted for its deep grain, this table is rustic in style and sturdy. It has a hand-rubbed honey finish.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+14400 16 &&&&+45000 50 table
[36]  country kitchen bench This country kitchen bench is beautifully handcrafted from oak. The countertop is polished granite strong enough to withstand the sharpest knife and the trim is oak, delicately carved with the craftsman's mark of intertwining oak branches. The legs of the bench could be painted.  &&&&&+5850 6 1/2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+54000 60 bench
[37]  country kitchen pantry The pantry is a tall cabinet with double doors. It has been carefully handcrafted from oak with carved oak leaves, the mark of the craftsman, for door handles. It has shelves on one side for bottles and jars of preserved fruits and vegetables, and behind the other door is a space tall enough to keep a mop and broom. The pantry's doors and frame could be painted or left as naked oak.  &&&&&+4950 5 1/2 &&&&&+3150 3 1/2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 pantry
[38]  country kitchen table This is a square kitchen table. The tabletop has been so skilfully crafted that it is nearly seamless and appears to have been carved from a single piece of wood. It has a single pedestal leg that tapers down to the floor where the craftsman's mark of a single oak leaf has been carved out of solid oak to form the foot. Its smooth tabletop and pedestal leg could be painted or otherwise decorated.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+19800 22 &&&&+54000 60 type
[39]  dark cherry wood table Long alternating strains of burgundy, purple and brown run through the length of this large table, creating a lovely mottled stain which bleeds out into the room and captures the attention of anyone nearby. Its legs are long, thick and gnarled, carved into the shape of four yawning lions ready to gobble up any stray scraps that may fall from above.  &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+13500 15 table
[40]  decorative armoire The armoire looks sturdy and is capable of housing quite a few items. Its doors have been inlaid with different coloured pieces of wood to form a decorative pattern.  &&&&&&&+75 1/12 &&&&&&&+75 1/12 &&&&+45000 50 &&&&+72000 80 wardrobe
[41]  diamond chest Pine boards line this chest, although the fact is not readily apparent. Small, diamond shaped holes have been cut into the wood, and these holes outline patterns of diamonds. At each corner of the patterns glittering gems have been placed: rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Not only do adjacent gems also form diamond patterns, but adjacent gems of the same colour form even larger diamonds. At the four corners of the diamond shaped chest, small gilded statuettes of famous historical figures stretch down to the floor, supporting the chest. Each figure wears a tiny crown set with diamonds.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+63000 70 chest
[42]  dog basket This large wicker basket is designed as the perfect sleeping place for your best friend. At least if you're not posh enough to afford one of those tiny lapdogs that sleeps at the end of your bed, gnawing your toes all night.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 basket
[43]  Dragon Lady parlour stove This stove is grand, stately and is often known by most of its owners as the 'Dragon Lady'. Having claws on its feet, dragons along both its sides, and two dragons on its finial, the inspiration for its creation came from the chief bureaucrat in charge of stove manufacturing in Sum Dim. The bureaucrat was a woman and she was at once elegant, warm and inviting, greatly admired, and greatly feared. She ignited diligence and quality craftsmanship from her workers and it shows in this stove's design. With a breath of fire and a beautiful mica window, this stove casts an unforgettable glow over any room it's in.  &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 fire
[44]  dustbin This dustbin is made from a single sheet of thin metal hammered in the centre to form a stable base. The sides of the bin are formed by the remainder of the original piece rising vertical. Big enough to accommodate everyday household waste, it has been spared every attempt at making it pleasing to the eye. A wooden circular lid is attached with a piece of rope.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+18000 20 bin
[45]  ebony bedside table The slender, hand-turned legs of this ebony table give it a deceptively fragile look. The top has been varnished to a mirror finish.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 table
[46]  ebony drinks cabinet This squat and slightly curved drinks cabinet is made from the finest ebony. The glass door allows the interior of the cabinet to be seen and a small brass lock ensures that any spirits placed within are safe from unscrupulous servants. It is adorned with a small cloak and dagger symbol carved centrally on the frame above the door.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+24300 27 &&&&+54000 60 cabinet
[47]  ebony writing bureau This lovely ebony bureau is perfect for any lady or gentleman keen on writing. Its door, which folds back to reveal a writing surface, is inlaid with a pattern of silver daisies. A small lock ensures that any secret correspondence can be safely hidden from prying eyes. It has three blue satin lined drawers.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&+1950 2 2/12 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+90000 100 desk Only small objects fit in this bureau, probably because it has 3 drawers.
[48]  enamelled drinks cabinet This is a lovely little cabinet that has been designed especially to hold decanters of all shapes and sizes. It has two hinged doors that have a been lacquered a dark blue colour and embossed with dancing geishas and waving willow trees which have been planted along its length.  &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 cabinet
[49]  enamelled Sun Emperor wardrobe This is a medium-sized mahogany red wardrobe. Standing about six feet high, it is given an extra boost of height by the four sturdy legs at which compose its base. In the centre of the front two doors sits a golden circle, half of which lies on either side of the divide between the two doors. At the centre of the circle sit two ivory handles that can be used to open the wardrobe. Around the outside of the doors are azure blue and vibrant green designs depicting flowers and animals.  &&&&&&&+75 1/12 &&&&&&&+75 1/12 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 wardrobe
[50]  enamelled umbrella stand To keep the floors clean on rainy days, this hexagonal decorative umbrella stand suits that purpose perfectly. A tin liner sits inside its base to catch inevitable drips and to protect its wood. Handpainted in blacks, golds and reds with a ferocious looking dragon design, it boasts a brass handle on each side for ease of lifting. It appears to have something written on it.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&+27000 30 stand
[51]  Ephebian coffee table This coffee table has an obvious Ephebian style to it, with shiny brass decoration covering much of its vertical surfaces. It is perfectly round, good if you're prone to paper cuts and walking into things. As the old saying goes, the only thing shins are for is finding chairs and coffee tables in the dark. Several pairs of handcuffs hang jauntily from the legs, along with a small key dangling on a delicate chain.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+11700 13 &&&&+36000 40 table
[52]  finely crafted fireplace This fireplace is surrounded by an ornately carved mahogany framework and has a beautifully finished brass hearth.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 fire
[53]  fluffy coffee table This is your basic, traditional coffee table in style. It is slightly rectangular in shape, with 4 block legs and some support struts. It is, however, covered in layers and layers of fluff, just for all those Gufnork priests. It's nice and soft...and fluffy.... Ooooohhh.... Several pairs of handcuffs hang jauntily from the legs, along with a small key dangling on a delicate chain.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[54]  genuine Genuan parlour stove Bonjour mon ami. Comment ca va? I am from Genua and I radiate, non? As you can see, I am all dolled up and ready to dance zee night away. And I last all night long too; you'll feel my 'eat for a good 8-10 hours. When you walk into zee room, your eyes will see me, because not only is my 'eight tall, but I dazzle, as you can see from my fancy details including my heavy aprons. I radiate any home, and I very much want to radiate yours.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 fire
[55]  golden ebony wood wardrobe Tall and imposing this wardrobe looms towards the ceiling. The crafter obviously gave a great deal of thought to its construction in selecting different woods to present contrasts and blends. The darkest of ebony seems to swallow the light highlighting miniature scrollwork picked out in gold across its surface, giving way to dusky madrona the spirals and knots give the impression of smoke curling slowly around the borders of the doors and around the brass handles.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 wardrobe
[56]  granite mantelpiece This granite mantelpiece is simple, with no carving or adornment. It is of a style favoured in Llamedos, where the only raw materials freely available are granite, mud and rain. Despite its simplicity, it is pleasantly rustic.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 mantlepiece
 ?  hanging clay pot This is a typical round clay pot, unglazed and rather boring in general, except that it can be hung.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 pot Can have plants planted in it.
[57]  Happy Luck kitchen range The Happy Luck kitchen range displays an elegance that has gone unequalled since the century of the zhu-min duck. Built during an age of artistic and engineering innovation in Agatea, this range features highly detailed castings which enhance the look of this one of a kind stove. Cooking on a beautiful range like the Happy Luck will warm the heart, draw peace, prosperity and good fortune into the home and will also make a good attempt at appeasing the appetite.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 fire
[58]  heavy lorken desk Made from thick pieces of black lorken, this desk has an aura of solidness even apart from its impressive size. Clean lines and the inlaid maker's mark in the bottom left corner of the desk indicate the work of a skilled craftsman. This formidable-looking desk is perfect for making those approaching it feel insignificant, and is the desk every Agatean official dreams of having in their office.  &&&&&+4050 4 1/2 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+63000 70 desk
[59]  inlaid cherry wood altar chest This is an altar cabinet, a curious piece of Auriental home decoration that has become popular amongst the Sum Dim civil servants. A squat cherry wood chest lacquered in burgundy, the front panels have been inlaid with circular designs in mother of pearl. The roof of the chest flares out slightly from the main body of the structure, looking very much akin to a pair of short wings. This gives the chest an appearance very much like a traditional Auriental gate and makes it quite an unusual item to have in the home.  &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 chest
[60]  inlaid mahogany dressing table This is a mahogany lady's dressing table. Its legs are long and slender and the top of the table surface is inlaid with mother-of-pearl. This is a very well-made piece of furniture no lady would be without.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+14400 16 &&&&+45000 50 table
[61]  inlaid teak wardrobe This is a large rectangular teak wardrobe. The sides, base and back are all brown panels, however the two front doors have had intricate designs inlaid on their panels in a variety of sombre semi-precious stones. In total there are eight different scenes, each painted on a different panel, the top panels depicting the four seasons whilst the lower four panels filled with blossoming flowers. Placed on a rich chocolate brown background, the mother of pearl and ivory gleam in even the slightest light.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 wardrobe
[62]  iron safe This is a "Thighbiter special" iron safe. It bears the logo of Joseph Thighbiter, a renowned safe maker. It appears to feature one of his patented locks. It has one top drawer, one middle drawer and one bottom drawer.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 safe
[63]  jaded scarab wardrobe This is a medium sized wardrobe. It has two solid wood panel doors attached to hinges to give a large storage space. It has been varnished once or twice, however this doesn't really show because it is so old. It stands rather rigidly on four small feet.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&+45000 50 &&&&+72000 80 wardrobe
[64]  Klatchian coffee table This coffee table is of your average Klatchian style, with sharp, contrasting edges, and pyramid legs. It has a lot of modern styling features, making it a coffee table especially for those with class. It looks very impressive, and seems to make any room complete. Several pairs of handcuffs hang jauntily from the legs, along with a small key dangling on a delicate chain.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[65]  lacquered handpainted vase Standing tall in its 24-inch grandness, this beautiful vase is handcrafted and handpainted with multi-layers of rich black lacquer, on which Agatean nature scenery is handpainted in shades of brown, gold, blue and green with bold energy and flare.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&+10800 12 vase
[66]  lacquered teak chest of drawers This medium sized teak chest is home to four finely crafted drawers which have been set within an equally beautiful frame. The wood seems to have been artfully bonded in such a manner as to preserve the flow of the grain of the wood throughout the entire piece in addition to the lovingly applied coat of dark laquer that adorns its faces.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+46800 52 &&&&+72000 80 chest of drawers
[67]  lacquered umbrella stand This is a conical umbrella stand that raises in an eight-sided cylinder. Often placed by front doors to house the clothing accessories that are most-loathed, this particular stand is especially peculiar and eye-catching. Lacquered with several shades of beige, green, and brown enamel, its faces boast an elegant crane taking off from a marshy landscape.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&+27000 30 stand
[68]  Lancrastian coffee table This coffee table is obviously from the Lancre area, as it has the traditional forest smells laced in its materials. These are quite expensive indeed, since they are usually quite rare. But not today, it would seem. It is obviously well built, using fine materials and an eye for perfection. You could probably get quite a bit of... usage, out of this coffee table. Several pairs of handcuffs hang jauntily from the legs, along with a small key dangling on a delicate chain.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[69]  large ash table This is a large wooden table, made of the finest white ash. The legs are curved towards the outside, then again in the opposite direction before touching the floor, resulting in a shape somewhat like the letter "S". They're also sculptured in a motif resembling leaves.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 table
[70]  large black table This is a large and sturdy wooden table, dyed graphite black and lacquered. The edges and legs are sculptured in a spiral pattern, somewhat similar to what you'd get if you wrapped a garden hose around a thin pole. It's not the most elaborate pattern imaginable, but it actually looks nice, and you can tell that a lot of work went into making it.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 table
[71]  large mahogany chest This is a large chest made of mahogany. It is richly decorated with carved oak leaves.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+79200 88 chest
[72]  large mahogany chest of drawers This is a large chest of mahogany drawers, carefully bound up with large brass belts and tickled with handles of polished bronze. Rather tall, it complements mahogany nightstands and other bedroom furnishings beautifully as it holds belongings securely.  &&&&&+2250 2 6/12 &&&&&+2250 2 6/12 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 chest of drawers
[73]  large oak wardrobe This oak wardrobe is large enough to hold both winter and summer clothing for an entire family, if necessary. Its door handles are carved with delicate oak leaves - the mark of the craftsman. The doors and frame could be painted to suit any decor.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+69300 77 &&&&+90000 100 wardrobe
[74]  large pine shelf This is a large, plain pine shelf. It's perfect to display a large collection of prized items, or some larger heirlooms.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 shelf
[75]  large pine table This is a large and sturdy looking table, made of massive Hublandish pine planks and beams. The top is a good half inch thick, while the legs and the beams connecting them are easily two inches thick. Every surface is oiled, to bring out the glow and the striped texture.  &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+63000 70 table
[76]  large wood oven A tastefully decorated door bears the name 'Wun Chi Puffin' and a temperature gauge monitors the large wood oven. Resting on a smooth base, this range has a thirty-two inch cook surface and carries six burners and a water reservoir. A top mounted nickel trimmed shelf on the back of the stove is complemented by dual warming shelves. Subtle and sophisticated, this stovetop would compliment most tasteful homes.  &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+1650 1 10/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 fire
[77]  large wooden chest This is a large wooden chest made out of sturdy but worn and stained planks. There is a small keyhole in the front.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+19800 22 &&&&+54000 60 chest
[78]  leggy chest Supported by outwardly curving legs of blackened wrought iron, this pale wooden chest is bound at regular intervals by horizontal silver bands engraved with abstract patterns. A band of ebony marks the split between chest and lid, and it has been overlaid by ivory silhouettes of cherubs.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+24300 27 &&&&+54000 60 chest
[79]  long rose enamelled coffee table This long black table has been constructed in the typical Auriental style. Lacquered lavishly in a shiny black, its short legs rise up to a narrow angular body which has been painted carefully and lovingly with thick swirls of pink hues to create a fabulous rose.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+63000 70 table
[80]  low bamboo table This table is made out of bamboo stems. Its legs are about one and a half feet long, making it very awkward, if not impossible to sit at the table using chairs.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+13500 15 table
[81]  low glass table This is a low table, made of a thick clear glass plate, seated on top of a wooden ensemble of four legs and four thin beams connecting them. The glass plate is engraved with a delicate floral band, about one inch wide, going all around the edge, about one inch away from it.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 table
[82]  low hexagonal table This low hexagonal table stands on thick birchwood legs. Its top is inlaid with frosted glass and a delicate circle of leaves has been etched in the centre of the glass.  &&&&&&+450 6/12 &&&&&&+450 6/12 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[83]  low pine table This is a low coffee table, standing about one foot from the ground. It is made of genuine Hublandish pine, and oiled to bring out the characteristic striped texture.  &&&&&&+450 6/12 &&&&&&+450 6/12 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[84]  mahogany nightstand with brass accents This mahogany nightstand has been adorned with large brass accents. Large lips of brass curl around its dark edges to display themselves proudly. It has been designed to be quite short, thus fitting in with other Auriental bedroom furnishings.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 nightstand
[85]  massive ebony bookcase This large black bookcase is made of the finest woods and is beautifully carved with neat rectangular borders which dissolve into thick vines that twine down the sides as if they were growing from the floor.   &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 bookshelf
[86]  medium pine shelf This is a medium, plain pine shelf. It would be ideal to display some prized pottery, or perhaps some family heirlooms.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 shelf
[87]  metal marbling tray This metal marbling tray is not very deep as it only needs to hold a few inches of water but it is quite large to allow all sorts of papers and cloths to be dyed in it.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&+2700 3 1 pint other Used for  marbling  .
[88]  mother of pearl inlaid arabesque table This large rectangular wooden table is quite heavy and austere looking. Consisting of a dour frame connected by waffled lattice panelling which has been inlaid with large square tiles of mother of pearl, it would complete the most proper of living rooms and make a pleasant accompaniment to most homes.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 table
[89]  oak bed This bed could sleep two, but it would be a tight squeeze. It has been crafted from oak and looks sturdy enough to last for generations. An oak leaf pattern has been carved down the length of the frame on each side, and a comfortable mattress of duck down gives the bed a plush look. The headboard and frame of the bed could be painted and decorated to suit any decor.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9000 10 &&&&+36000 40 type
[90]  oak display shelf This small oak shelf is the type that would hang on a wall displaying plants or other bric-a-brac. The two supports that hold the shelf to the wall are carved oak branches. Each branch angles down so that its leaves would spread delicately across the wall below the shelf.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 shelf
[91]  oak kitchen table This is a large, rectangular table made of heavy oak planks. It is similar to the hefty tables used as individual tea-trays in the Unseen University and is sturdy enough to hold a sizeable feast ...or a small snack.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 table
[92]  octagonal table The creator of this table was not a wizard. Any wizard creating this table was looking for trouble, of the Soul-Eater variety. Even looking at the table causes some weaker wizards to experience dizzy spells. Its surface is an octagon of light-coloured pine. Into the centre of the table is set a solid octagon of ebony, and surrounding it thin strips of wood outline a series of ever-larger octagrams, the colour of their wood getting lighter and lighter, until the last shape blends perfectly into the table, only the lines around its component strips betraying its presence. Thin wires of octiron lie through the vertices of the octagrams, the eight wires meeting in the centre of the ebony octagon. As a final touch, the eight legs each have eight sides.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+8100 9 &&&&+36000 40 table
[93]  okra candelabrum This impressive construction supports three candles in dark green holders. Each holder is shaped like half an okra leaf, and is affixed via a slender stem to a bronzed stand. The stand, covered in a fine black filigree, is itself set into a sturdy iron base.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 +Expression error: Unexpected < operator. < 1 &&&&&+2700 3 fire
[94]  ornamental huamu wood chest This big chest is made of huamu wood. It is adorned with ornamental details that depict lotuses on each corner. The ornaments and lock are made of shiny brass. It looks heavy and is almost big enough to fit a human in it.  &&&&&+2550 2 10/12 &&&&&+2550 2 10/12 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+79200 88 chest
[95]  ornamental stone mosaic table This is a large sofa table which squats low on its voluptuous outward-curving legs. Lacquered deeply with shiny black enamel, the surface has been inlaid with a large stone mosaic which depicts a large falcon sitting among some large yellow blossoms. Surrounding the inlay is an ornamental gold border.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+45000 50 &&&&+72000 80 table
[96]  ornamental tiger lily table This is a relatively large circular table that has been carefully carved out of cherry wood. Large tiger lilies and beaded vines have been whittled into the wood, obviously crafted over many years. The surface of the table has been inlaid with small tiles of porcelain, each depicting a unique tiger lily blossom in various stages of bloom.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+27900 31 &&&&+54000 60 table
[97]  ornate cutlery chest This small chest is made of heavy wood. Its lid has ancient Djelian hieroglyphics etched into it. The lock is adorned with a silver piece that resembles a sphinx. It is very elegant. The inside of the chest is set out with neatly cut, silk lined compartments to hold several different types of cutlery. The ornate cutlery chest is almost full with two sterling silver serving spoons, six sterling silver dessert spoons, six sterling silver dessert knives, six sterling silver dessert forks, six sterling silver soup spoons, six sterling silver shrimp forks, six sterling silver salad forks, six sterling silver dinner knives, six sterling silver dinner forks and six sterling silver teaspoons.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+23400 26 &&&&+54000 60 chest
[98]  paduak coffee table This is a very simple, plain coffee table made of exotic paduak wood. The wood is dark with brilliant stripes of orange and gold in the grain. The table has been rubbed to a soft shine.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 table
[99]  painted white mantelpiece This simple mantelpiece is covered in swan's wing white enamel paint. It is aesthetically designed with graceful, stately curves leading up to the mantel itself.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 mantelpiece
[100]  painted red mahogany chest This vibrant red mahogany chest has been generously lacquered, its front face divided into eight squares, each containing an elaborately designed circle bordered by dragons, tigers and lions and filled with peony blossoms. The large chest has a flip top lid that can be propped up with a thick golden rod which fits securely into a slot in the main structure.  &&&&&&&+75 1/12 &&&&&&&+75 1/12 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 chest
[101]  paneled oak blanket box A large box normally used for storing blankets at the end of a bed. It is skilfully crafted from oak and features an upholstered lid that could also double as a seat. It has three recessed panels, each of which has detailed oak leaves, the mark of the craftsman, carved into the corners. The panels and frame of the blanket box could be painted or otherwise decorated.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+24300 27 &&&&+54000 60 box
[102]  pedestal table Finished in warm antique hues, this pedestal table is a roughly triangular object which ends abruptly in a flat plateau which looks to be the ideal place for placing a few books or a reading lantern. Rising along its height are a series of drawers with brass handles, which narrow in width with the table as it rises.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 table
[103]  pewter balance This balance is unusual in two respects: it is somewhat larger than one would expect, and no matter what is placed in them, the two pans are always at the same level. Sandelfon would smile on such an object were he not already wearing a carefully neutral expression. The pans of the pewter balance are empty.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&&+9000 10 other
[104]  pine bookshelf This is a tall, pine bookshelf. It has three shelves in it to hold books or curios.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&+59400 66 &&&&+67500 75 bookshelf
[105]  polished walnut desk An imposing walnut desk that would add a touch of class to any study. The polished wood displays hues of dark brown which are nicely offset by a thin bronze border.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 desk
[106]  porcelain lion box Looking from a distance this pair of cobalt-washed porcelain lions stand statuesquely upon their pedestal, but upon lifting them from their perch, a spacious box is revealed in their base. This is a perfect piece for decorating and keeping small objects close at hand when not much room for storage is available.  &&&&&&+300 4/12 &&&&&&+300 4/12 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+18000 20 box
[107]  Queen Ptraci bookcase This is a dainty bookcase in the Klatchian style known as Queen Ptraci, since the style became popular during her reign. It is made of golden stained white oak and is covered with intricate carving that gives the the structure the appearance of something stolen from the Fairy realms. Along the sides of the case are scattered flecks of diamond, ruby, sapphire, lapis lazuli, silver and gold. It would be a perfect place to keep all those knicknacks that one collects during holidays in foreign parts.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 bookshelf
[108]  Queen Ptraci chest This is a chest in the Klatchian style known as Queen Ptraci since the style became popular during her reign.  &&&&&&&+75 1/12 &&&&&&&+75 1/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 chest
[109]  Queen Ptraci chest of drawers This is a chest of drawers in the Klatchian style known as Queen Ptraci since the style became popular during her reign.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 chest of drawers
[110]  Queen Ptraci table This is a large, mahogany table in the Queen Ptraci style.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+18000 20 table
[111]  Queen Ptraci wardrobe This is a wardrobe in the Klatchian style known as Queen Ptraci since the style became popular during her reign.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 wardrobe
[112]  Quirmian dining table This very large dining table has been made by a family of cabinet makers who have served the aristocracy of Quirm for the last 375 years. The classic shape has been carved from the finest walnut and inlaid in a floral pattern with teak, cherry, ash and greenheart, then polished to a mirror finish.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 table
[113]  rising sun wardrobe This structure almost reaches to the height of man. Carefully crafted of genuine Agatean pine, the simple two-door design has been supplemented by a few aesthetic touches. The doors have each been given a faux panelling effect, their central inserts artistically constructed in such a fashion as to have a central circle surrounded by the grain of the wood flowing away from it. They look quite a lot like the sun would on a misty day.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 wardrobe
[114]  rosewood display cabinet This is a tall rosewood display cabinet that has a glass front to ensure that its contents are well protected. Supported by various delicate geometric shelves on the inside, the outside is inlaid with mother of pearl that has been shaped into blossoming cherry trees.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+19800 22 &&&&+54000 60 cabinet
[115]  rustic oak bookshelf This rustic bookshelf has been carefully constructed from oak. It has three shelves to hold a variety of cook books, story books, how-to books and other items that seem to sit around and gather dust. Each shelf has a large detailed oak leaf, the trademark of the craftsman, carved on it. The frame and shelves of the bookshelf could be painted or otherwise decorated.  &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&+45000 50 &&&&+63000 70 type
[116]  set of black walnut kitchen cupboards This is a set of kitchen cupboards made from black walnut wood. Lacquered with a light gloss, the wood emits a slight reddish shine when the light catches it. Two hinged doors hide the shelves that hide within, the design on the door being nothing more than a simple and elegantly carved rectangle of varying depths.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 cupboards
[117]  set of cherry wood kitchen cupboards This is a set of wooden cupboards that attaches to the wall and often hangs in kitchens to store meal ingredients and dishes. Made of the finest cut of cherry wood, the front doors of the cupboards have charming whorls and swirls in the grain of the wood, the beauty of which have only been brought out more by the thick layer of clear glossy lacquer which has been applied over it to protect the cupboards from everyday wear and tear.  &&&&&&+825 11/12 &&&&&&+825 11/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 cupboards
[118]  set of diamond panel kitchen cupboards This is a set of kitchen cupboards made from reddish-coloured mahogany wood. A set of diamond glazed doors can swing open so that items may be stored inside. A simple design which still manages to radiate elegance, the lacquered front has inlaid panels of dark brown pollard oak.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 set of cupboards
[119]  set of plain wooden kitchen cupboards This is a set of small kitchen cupboards made from simple planks of wood that have been nailed together. Far from elegant, this set of cupboards still is functional and serviceable. It probably isn't a good fit for those who prefer their furniture to be decorative as well, though.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 set of cupboards
[120]  set of three nested gold-leaf tables Exhibiting its pleasing simple lines in a distinct Sung style, this exquisite set of nested tables is arranged in a three-tiered pullout fashion that allows several surfaces to be available in a small space. Each table is hand-painted with a delicate flowers-and-bird design over a lush gold-leafed surface. The workmanship is so precise that a joinery technique has been used to fasten the tables together, so perfect that no nails were used in the tables' construction.   &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[121]  set of three nested lotus blossom tables Exhibiting its pleasing simple lines in a distinct Sung style, this exquisite set of nested tables is arranged in a three-tiered pullout fashion that allows several surfaces to be available in a small space. Over the shiny black lacquer each table is handpainted with lotus flowers, the symbol of peace in the Agatean tradition. The workmanship is so precise that a joinery technique has been used to fasten the tables together, so perfect that no nails were used in the tables' construction.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[122]  set of white pine kitchen cupboards This is a set of kitchen cupboards made from white pine. Four sets of doors hide the shelves within, and fluted columns with triple crowned tops make the structure a little less plain. A simple design which still manages to radiate elegance, this set of cupboards is practical and functional, but still manages to be pleasing to the senses.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 set of cupboards
[123]  set of yew kitchen cupboards This is a set of kitchen cupboards made from yew wood. Simply cut with modest lines, the cupboards are a pleasant pale yellow colour and radiate warmth and comfort. Lacquered lightly with a glossy coat, two wide doors can swing open so that items may be stored inside.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 set of cupboards
[124]  silver crystal dragon goblet This is a tall crystal goblet, perfectly suited for a vintage wine or magical potion alike except that it would probably leak all over you. Cut from flawless crystal, the cup sits on a tall silver stem around which a noble silver dragon has wrapped itself protectively. The dragon's wings are unfurled, embracing the cup, and the tail curls around the stem several times. While highly stylised, this is a very elegant example of mantelpiece filler.  &&&&&&+300 4/12 &&&&&&+300 4/12 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&+10800 12 type
[125]  silver dragon chest of drawers This imposing chest of drawers redefines the word ornate. Elegant scrollwork is traced out upon almost every smoothly arcing surface of the darkened wood, each of its rises emphasised by twisted silver threads. A scene depicting two mighty dragons entwined has been intricately carved into the beautifully swirling colours of the marble top. Three drawers reside within the frame, their gleaming surfaces reflecting and scattering the illumination cast off by the polished wood and silver filigree handles which have been lovingly set into the face of the chest. This is truly a beautiful piece.  &&&&&+2250 2 6/12 &&&&&+2250 2 6/12 &&&&+49500 55 &&&&+81000 90 chest of drawers
[126]  simple oak mantelpiece This oak mantel is simply crafted, with a plain fluted design about the front. In the centre is a raised design, a series of carved steps leading from either side into a plain square.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&&+450 1/2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 mantelpiece
[127]  simple wooden sidetable This is a simple wooden sidetable, assembled from various bits and pieces of wood. It's not the most elegant of designs, but it's cheap and serviceable.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 table
[128]  small black chest This chest is the very epitome of style. It is finished in black matte and is extremely minimalistic. The only decoration being the lock, which is in the shape of a small dagger.  &&&&&+1275 1 5/12 &&&&&+1275 1 5/12 &&&&+22500 25 &&&&+54000 60 chest
[129]  small chest of drawers This is a small chest of drawers that has been carefully crafted from oak. Its square construction is sturdy and houses two drawers to hold various articles of clothing or other items. The round drawer pulls have each been carved with the delicate oak leaves, the mark of the craftsman. The drawers and frame could be painted or left as natural oak.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&+45000 50 &&&&+72000 80 chest of drawers
[130]  small huamu wood chest This small chest is made of huamu wood. Its lid has a golden dragon painted on it, and the lock on its front is adorned with a brass piece that resembles a dragon's eye. It is very elegant.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+14400 16 &&&&+45000 50 chest
[131]  small iron safe This is a small iron safe. It bears the logo of Joseph Thighbiter, a renowned safe maker. It appears to feature one of his patented locks. It has one top drawer, one middle drawer and one bottom drawer.  &&&&&+2250 2 6/12 &&&&&+2250 2 6/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+18000 20 safe
[132]  small mahogany chest This is a small chest made of mahogany. It is richly decorated with carved oak leaves.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 chest
[133]  small pine shelf This is a small, plain pine shelf. It's the sort of thing used to display a couple of iconographs, or perhaps a few ornaments.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 shelf
[134]  small scarab chest with gold decor This is a small piece of furniture that can be used to store a variety of items or simply for decoration. The lid boasts a large amount of gold leafed decor complimenting the patterns engraved in the ancient sandalwood.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+450 6/12 &&&&+31500 35 &&&&+63000 70 chest
[135]  small scarab cupboard This small cupboard is scratched and dented a little. It has a brass rim around the main frame from which a single wobbly cupboard door hangs from. On the door it has some faded scarab decoration.  &&&&&&+450 6/12 &&&&&&+450 6/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 cupboard
[136]  smooth black wardrobe Standing six feet high, or just too tall for the average Agatean to see on top, this wardrobe is a geometrically perfect slab of satin-finished oak, with only a very small keyhole marking the utterly smooth and black surface. It looks so clean and spare, so stylishly minimalistic and uncluttered, that you feel sure the top surface is thick with dust where you can't see it.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+46800 52 &&&&+72000 80 wardrobe
[137]  snake table Constructed from a single piece of hickory, this impressive table stands on four cast-iron legs. Around its edge two snakes have been depicted, a clockwise-facing one in gold, and an anti-clockwise facing one in silver. The snakes intertwine as they circle the table, and each snake appears to be eating its own tail.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 table
[138]  spandrelled clothes rack This is a red lacquered clothes rack with a light and open framework that is juxtaposed with robust and archaic styles of decoration. Two long racks, separated into three vertical squares by three individual bars, the uppermost rack curves up at its ends toward the ceiling. The spandrels are pierced with phoenix carvings and the base stretchers carved in deep reliefs of in the curves of foliage.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&+19800 22 &&&&+54000 60 rack
[139]  star oak cylinder stove It would be appropriate if the designer who created this stove had the tune of "Star light, Star Bright, first star I see tonight," in his head when he created it. It's always been guessed that this is how this particular stove got its name, because it shines wherever it is, day or night. When there's a fire going, the glow of the flames through its radiant mica window warms the room, and when there's no fire going, the shine from its nickel legs, apron, draft control, dome and finial sparkles like a star.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 fire
[140]  stone bench A stone bench made of some odd-looking grey stone, it is hard and cold; however, it withstands the elements impressively.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+18000 20 bench
[141]  stone topped counter This is a small, sturdy cabinet, made of thick oak planks beams, and reinforced with moderately ornate metal bands. The top is a slab of grey rock, about one inch thick. It looks rather heavy. It could make a nice, sturdy counter for a kitchen or bathroom, or it can even serve as a nightstand. It has one top drawer.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+19800 22 &&&&+54000 60 counter
[142]  stylish cherry mantelpiece This cherrywood mantelpiece would grace any drawing room or study. Although the frame itself is fairly plain, it is aesthetically designed with graceful, restrained curves leading up to the mantel itself. Unlike most pieces, the back of this one extends about a foot above the mantel itself. It features two matching shelves, supported by scrolled brackets, while in the centre is an oval mirror.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 mantelpiece
[143]  Sung umbrella stand This is a conical umbrella stand that raises itself up in an smooth-sided cylinder. Often placed by front doors to house the clothing accessories that are most-loathed, this particular stand has been lacquered with several shades of gold, red, blue, green and cream and depicts the Sung Estate as it is seen from the banks of the Pearl River in the Sum Bing district of Bes Pelargic. Several white ceramic lions border the estate, guarding it and bestowing several thousand years of good luck upon its inhabitants.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&+27000 30 stand
[144]  tall black bookshelf This is a tall bookshelf, with four equally spaced shelves on which to place books, a vase of flowers, or whatever else. It is made of solid oak board, with the exception of the back which is still oak, but a lot thinner. It is dyed graphite black and lacquered, giving it a rather sombre look by most people's standards.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&+59400 66 &&&&+72000 80 bookshelf
[145]  tall driftwood cabinet This is a large cabinet made of wood that was found along the banks of the Ankh river and it shows. They fit together badly and make the cabinet look like the piece of junk it is. It is far from decorative, but it looks like it can hold a lot of weight.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+63000 70 cabinet
[146]  tall wire basket Bands of metal have been spun incredible thinly then woven to form a tall standing container. A silken inner lining stops smaller contents from falling through.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&+10800 12 basket
[147]  tall wooden wardrobe Over six foot tall, this wardrobe offers plenty of space to store the clothes of an entire Morporkian family. Their Ankhian counterparts might have more problems, but looking at the cheap wooden planks this wardrobe is made of, it probably wouldn't suit their taste anyway.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&+39600 44 &&&&+72000 80 wardrobe
[148]  tea cabinet This is a delicate rosewood tea cabinet that has several small square drawers set into its width, and is punctuated in the middle by a long double-plateau counter that runs along its length. The drawers have been polished frequently, and have tiny carvings of flowers inlaid along their surface. Several rosewood railings run around it at several points, making it more sturdy and enhancing its beauty. It has five inlaid drawers.  &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+2250 2 1/2 &&&&&+7200 8 &&&&+27000 30 cabinet
[149]  tea table This is an exquisite hand carved tea table. Lavishly lacquered and designed with elaborate afternoon ceremonies in mind, it is most definitely not a coffee table. Only common people own coffee tables.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+16200 18 &&&&+45000 50 table
[150]  thick cardboard shelf This is a thick cardboard shelf. Although such things might be thought of as cheap, this one looks fairly sturdy - ideal for anyone on a budget.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+2700 3 &&&&+27000 30 shelf
[151]  tri-colour dragon vase A symbol of vigilance and safe guard, the dragon is the most powerful creature in Agatean mythology. This vase, however, is uniquely designed with the dragon's elongated neck as handles to fit its elegant shape. Made in the Sung Tri-Colour style, the three distinct colours make this vase an exuberant piece of art.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&+10800 12 vase
[152]  tulip wood coffee table This delicate, oval coffee table has been made of beautiful, white tulip wood and polished to a mirror finish. The beaded edge looks like a strand of pearls. The straight, plain legs have been capped in shiny brass.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 table
[153]  walnut coffee table This dainty coffee table has been made of dark walnut and polished to a mirror finish. The legs have been carefully carved to look like miniature human legs, complete with hairy knees. The table's feet are wearing red high heels.  &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&&+900 1 &&&&&+4500 5 &&&&+27000 30 table
[154]  waste paper bin This is a small waste bin, ideal for the disposal of pieces of paper and other small items perhaps found in a study or office. Constructed from four panels of toughened bull hide painted a dark ochre with a small square wooden base dictating the tapered square design.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+450 1/2 &&&&&+7200 8 bin
 ?  white marble bathtub   &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 31 gallons bathtub
[155]  white marble mantelpiece This is a white marble mantelpiece, a flat piece of stone designed to be placed above a fireplace to form a decorative shelf. The white marble is struck through by darker veins in pink, orange and red.  &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&&+675 9/12 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 mantlepiece
[156]  white wrought iron table This is a small, round table made of wrought iron that has been painted white. The iron has been fashioned to look like sticks of bamboo.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+27000 30 &&&&+13500 15 table
[157]  wicker cat basket This large wicker cat basket features a snuggly hideaway with a cat-sized hole to allow entry. The interior of the hideaway is covered with soft wool to maximise the comfort of your cat when he or she needs rest from hunting the creepy-crawlies.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&&+750 10/12 &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&+25200 28 basket
[158]  wildflower box stove This wildflower box stove was manufactured in HungHung and bears the rich castings of the T'seng era. A crest of arms from the Tang household is embossed on a thick trellised background. The bowed body is constructed of solid cast iron and offers an airtight burn. The wildflower box stove is compact, cute, and quite easy to use when burning wood.  &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+9900 11 &&&&+36000 40 fire
[159]  woodbox A heavy looking box that is used to store wood for the fire, the sturdy construction makes this box look ideal for holding some wood.  &&&&&+1050 1 2/12 &&&&&+1050 1 2/12 &&&&+39600 44 &&&&+72000 80 box Can only hold wooden logs and tealights.
[160]  wooden barrel This is a worn wooden barrel, held together by three steel hoops. It might no longer be waterproof and the hoops are a little rusty, but other than that it still looks fairly good. The top has been outfitted with a brass lock, so that anything put inside can be stored safely.  &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&&+1350 1 6/12 &&&&+18000 20 &&&&+45000 50 barrel
[161]  wooden rain barrel Sturdy and well-polished, this open-topped barrel has been bound with shiny brass hoops. There is a matching tap down the bottom of the barrel you could probably get water out of.  &&&&&+1500 1 8/12 &&&&&+1500 1 8/12 &&&&+27000 30 4 gallons barrel If left open outside, it will fill up when it rains.
[162]  wrought iron coffee table This is a low glass-topped coffee table supported by s-shaped legs of wrought iron. The bottoms of the legs curl in on themselves to form whimsical spirals.  &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&&+1800 2 &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&+27000 30 table
[163]  (glass) wrought iron table This is a large glass-topped table supported by spindly, graceful legs of wrought iron. The bottoms of the legs are fashioned to resemble dragon's claws. The table practically begs for a drippy candelabrum.  &&&&&+5400 6 &&&&&+3600 4 &&&&+29700 33 &&&&+13500 15 table
[164]  wrought iron table This is a small, round table made of wrought iron that has been painted black. The iron has been fashioned to look like coiled, twisting snakes.  &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&&+1350 1 1/2 &&&&+27000 30 &&&&&+9000 10 table
[165]  wrought iron wall sconce This is an ornamental wall sconce, a candleholder designed to be hung on a wall. Wrought iron has been skillfully manipulated to form the outline of a dragon, complete with wings and fiery breath. The dragon's forepaw is raised to the sky and it holds an iron bowl in its claws. The bowl is large enough to hold a candle and catch the overflowing wax.  &&&&&&+225 3/12 &&&&&&+225 3/12 &&&&&&+450 1/2 &&&&&+3600 4 fire
Source Item name Length Width Weight
of items
Liquid Type Notes
Kefka's db Dimensions (ft) Capacity

Chatty furniture

Some items of furniture give off periodic item chats.

(Kefka's db)
Item name Chats Type Notes
[166]  Agatean garden teahouse chime Finished in a stunning blue patina which accentuates the detailing, an exquisite Agatean garden teahouse sits peacefully above a large detailed furin bell. The front door of the teahouse opens slightly so a tealight may be placed inside to cast a soft glow through the circular latticed windows.  The dancing music that the wind chime plays is very soothing.

The wind chime rings softly in a subtle breeze.
The wind chime sits silently and sullenly, waiting for a passing breath of air.

[167]  apple wood bookcase This is a tall, narrow bookcase made of apple wood. The top is a lovely piece of polished granite.  The faintest whiff of apples comes from the apple wood bookcase. bookcase This is also a container (see above section).
[168]  cuckoo clock This is a small and simple, yet wonderfully cute, cuckoo clock. This, and many more like it, are made every winter by the remarkable Clock Building Cuckoo who inhabit the hostile Ramtops. They build them as part of their courtship ritual to provide protection from the harsh conditions. Unfortunately they don't provide protection from keen horologists, who, on spotting their nests, kill the birds and put their homes up for show. The wooden face shows it's round about a quarter past seven plus one.  Suddenly, a wooden cuckoo springs out of the clock while mechanisms chirp and whir madly.

The cuckoo pops back inside the clock and the doors flap shut.

clock Chats occur on the hour; "Cuckoo!" occurs the same number of times as the hour it's striking.
[169]  dragonfly wind chime A deep green patina finish, a delicate sounding floral furin bell sways on a chain below a leaf which a large dragonfly has set upon. The dragonfly's large wings weigh down the leaf and make it tilt slightly to one side, giving it a slightly off-balance and entirely unique character.  The wind chime sits silently and sullenly, waiting for a passing breath of air.

The ringing of gentle bells fills the room as a soft breeze disturbs the bamboo wind chime.
The dancing music that the wind chime plays is very soothing.
The bells chime softly in a breeze.
The wind chime rings softly in a subtle breeze.

[170]  Grand Wizard clock This is a massive clock carved of apple wood. It stands about six feet tall and two feet across. Both the front and the sides have windows that show the pendulum and gears. The pendulum is made of thin steel, the blade a sharp crescent as it swings methodically back and forth slicing away the minutes. The face of the clock is a pale amber colour, almost translucent, and the numerals appear to glow and wriggle along its rim. In addition to merely telling time, the clock also has a row of small dials indicating the date. According to the dials it is now The gears of the Grand Wizard clock whir and spin as the clock tolls the hour.

The Grand Wizard clock strikes the half-hour with a deep, rolling chime that sounds like a death knell.

clock Chats occur on the hour and half-hour.
[171]  grandmother clock Slightly smaller and slimmer than the grandfather clock, this plain clock is made of polished white ash. It has a narrow glass door that allows you to see the pendulum swinging hypnotically back and forth inside. The face is made of ivory parchment decorated with rosebuds, and each number has been carefully painted in gold. Small dials indicate the date as well. According to the dials it is <time> on <date>.  The grandmother clock chimes the hour.

The grandmother clock softly chimes the half-hour.

clock Chats occur on the hour and half-hour.
[172]  lava lamp This is an odd looking lamp, roughly the shape of an hourglass, with a brass base. It is filled with murky pink liquid and large blobs of red goo that ooze this way and that. The exact nature of the red goo is a mystery. Some say it is a primitive type of troll that is still in its magma stage. Others reckon it is something that got away from the Alchemists' Guild. It gives off a faint light.  A strange sucking noise seems to be coming from the lava lamp.

A rather disgusting wet popping noise comes from the lava lamp.

[173]  relaxing fountain A stone structure with water pouring down from a small bowl at the top of the fountain into a larger pool at the base.  Water tinkles into the fountain.

The fountain makes a soothing sound like rain pattering on leaves.

water source It can be used to fill containers with water.
[174]  sundial A poised, elegant stone pillar forms the base of this sundial. Finely sculpted scrolls in the traditional style flank the white plinth, and spread out to become olive branches at the top. The dial set into the flat surface above is ringed with polished brass numbers, and its centre is decorated with intricate carvings of wheels and cogs. The shadow cast on the dial indicates it is around <time>.  The shadow on the dial moves on lazily. clock Chats happen on the hour during the daytime, when the sundial is outdoors.
[175]  temple garden bell In Agatea, it is believed that bells attract good luck and prosperity. Inspired by ancient Agatean temple bells, this impressive large garden bell features a beautiful lotus blossom curved top. Since it is made of iron and is quite heavy, a brown protective finish has been painted on to protect it from the elements of nature. A large bracket, shaped from iron-moulded lotus blossoms has also been supplied to attach the bell to a wall.  The soft ringing of the temple garden bell is very soothing.

The temple garden bell rings softly in a subtle breeze.
The temple garden bell chimes softly in a breeze.
A gentle ringing fills the room as a soft breeze disturbs the temple garden bell.
The temple garden bell sits silently and sullenly, waiting for a passing breath of air.

[176]  tranquil bamboo wind chime Handmade from solid bamboo, this beautiful piece of artwork resonates peacefully as 18 small individual chimes strike each other softly. The long bamboo pole from which the chimes dangle hangs at an angle, supported by a triangle of braided leather strands.  The ringing of gentle bells fills the room as a soft breeze disturbs the bamboo wind chime.

The dancing music that the wind chime plays is very soothing.
The bells chime softly in a breeze.
The wind chime rings softly in a subtle breeze.

(Kefka's db)
Item name Chats Type Notes

Custom furniture

Wanted furniture

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