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Contractor npcs are NPCs who can be hired to decorate the floors, walls, and ceilings of real estate.

To use one, you must first "hire" them, then lead them to the real estate to be decorated. All contractor npcs except the Jones brothers have an assigned area that they will not work outside of--if you try to lead them out of their assigned area, they will walk back to the last room they were in that's in it. Note that passage rooms are outside of all assigned areas, regardless of the endpoint (so if an npc will only work within Bes Pelargic, you can't passage them from one end of the city to the other). They can however be led into carriages.

Once there, you can "ask <object> to fit the <surface> with <decor>" (at this point, you pay). Most only deal in flooring, but Jerry Jones and Grabble Jones will fit walls and ceilings as well. You can "list goods from <object>" to see what options they have available--the price they give you is per surface.

Afterwards, you should "dismiss" them to get them to go away.

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