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Cardamom is a plant with a woody stem and rigid, upwards-facing leaves. The seed pots are small, triangular in cross-section and spindle-shaped. Its seeds have a spicy, citrus taste. Cardamom is used as both sweet and savory dishes.

This is a a small pile of brown cardamom seeds, about five seeds.



  • Cardamom is a herb used by the Sam Slager job to flavour sausages

Effects: There are no effects if one eats it.

Poisonous: It is not poisonous to eat.


  • One cardamom seed will grind to two pinches of ground cardamom (a yellowish powder).


Can be gathered/found in the following locations:

  • Park on Rational Street - Ephebe

Can be bought in the following locations:

  • Ankh-Morpork
    • Laughing Falafel (pre-ground in packets)
  • Djelibeybi
    • Spice Stall (traveling) - Market (pre-ground in packets)
  • Genua
    • Fragrant stall - Triangle Market (pre-ground in packets)