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Two of the most common questions on the talker and the newbie channel are "I'm dead, what next?" and "How do I buy more lives?". This page seeks to address the second of these questions.

The normal means of purchasing an extra life is at Pishe's Temple in Ankh-Morpork, other locations and methods are discussed at the end of the document.

Pishe's Temple


At Pishe's Pool, which is located in the Temple of Pishe, in the Apothecary Gardens, in Ankh Morpork.

Directions from outside The Mended Drum:

4 west, 5 north (crossing Contract Bridge), west, north, northwest, 2 north, 3 northeast, northwest, north, northeast, 2 northwest, north, 2 northwest (crossing Lost Bridge), north, 2 northwest, southwest (into Apothecary Gardens), west, west (into temple), northwest (into life pool).

Note - entering the temple costs 1p per guild level except for adventurers, ghosts and Pishites.


You buy lives by tossing royals into the pool. The syntax is:

toss <1 royal / n royals> into pool

Most people toss a single royal at a time, until they receive a life. This is indicated with a message such as:

You feel like you have more life.
Pishe smiles on you and lifts the clouds from your heart, but the moment has been draining. Some rest will probably help.

The pool seems to have some memory and will remember for a time, no-one knows how long it seems, if you have to go away and get more royals part way through the process. However, most people prefer to make sure they bring plenty with them.


It varies. Random numbers, the phases of the moon, your guild level, how long since you last bought a life? Who knows (apart from the Cre's)? The following are based on my own perception:

  • It seems to get more expensive with each life.
  • It seems to be roughly Number of Lives Bought so far, divided by 5, in royals, with fluctuations of about 20% either side.
  • It might be cheaper if you allow a bit of time between buying lives.
  • The cheapest solution is to not die.
  • It's supposedly cheaper for Pishites.


Remember that message above? Where it said "But the moment has been draining. Some rest will probably help." .... it wasn't kidding. Your constitution stat has dropped several levels. It will come back up over time, or with a "restore" ritual from a Pishe priest. (You can also get a restore by sliding down the slide in the tree after making an offering; however, there is a skillcheck for this and you don't get the restore if you fail it.) Your con stat is the largest part of your HP, so you have low HP after this. In addition, you may not have enough con to buy another life straight away. If you try, one of two things could happen.

  • You buy a life, then die.
  • You lose (some or all of) the money.

The latter seems to be the most common occurrence. It is possible that if you overspend in a stat reduced state, you will only need to toss one further royal into the pool after being restored to gain the benefit. E.g. if you toss 8 royals in, get a life, toss another 12 royals in and then realise you needed a restore, after the restore a single additional royal is usually enough to get the next life, as it is added to the 12 you already tossed in. Think of it as a "stupidity tax" for not getting the restore.

So wait until your con is restored. It can be checked with score stats. If there is a (-x) next to con, wait!

Lancre pool

You can also buy lives at a pool in a little clearing in Lancre Kingdom, a few miles north of Lancre Town.


From Lancre Town, journey northeast, then journey north from the intersection, then journey west from the intersection, then go south four times. The room also contains a Pishe high altar, and there is a hut with a Pishite religious instructor just east of it.


The pool accepts donations of Lancre sovereigns (and possibly other denominations of Lancrastian currency) and as a basic calculation, two sovereigns are equivalent to one royal. The pool responds to "syntax offer". I don't know if donations made at the two locations go into a central pot for the purpose of determining when you get a life, or if both pools are completely separate.research Nor do I know how good if at all the Lancre pool is at remembering donations between visits.

The caveats about your constitution dropping may apply here as well.

Golden chicken

In Bes Pelargic there is a Golden Chicken. If you can persuade it to eat enough chicken logs (purchased from a stall in the High Tide Road covered market) it may lay an egg. Rumour has it that if you manage to chase this egg around for long enough keeping it happy and feeling content, you may be rewarded. I don't know anyone who has done so recently enough to be able to say that it still works, but it may be cheaper than paying Pishe. In my own experience, it's a lot more aggravating.