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Bury is a verb which you can use on things in the room, or in your inventory. Generally speaking, it puts said items underground, where they will disappear after a little while, usually about 6-8 minutes.

You can "recover" the item if it has not yet disappeared.

You can bury up to twenty items at a time.


bury <object>
bury <object> in me

The first syntax, "bury" by itself, will bury the first corpse on the ground, or all corpses on the ground.

The second syntax will bury the specified object or objects on the ground.

The third syntax will bury the specified object or objects in your inventory.


Burying things has the following effects:

  • Burying the corpse of something you were in combat with when it died will give you (and everyone else it was in combat with) some xp--this is nearly always more than the xp you get from killing it in the first place. This only happens the first time you bury a corpse, and it only happens if it's been less than five minutes since the npc died.
  • Burying a corpse for the first time will give you 10 gp per corpse.
  • In certain rooms--notably on bridges, and on the wall surrounding Djelibeybi--burying something will not put it underground, where it can be recovered, but will rather put it in the room below. However, corpses shoved over the edge of the Djelibeybi wall this way will be automatically buried very soon after they hit the ground.
  • If you bury an item in a passage room and then exit without recovering it, the item will be lost forever. Similarly, if you bury items in a crystal sphere created from Stasis, Great Stasis, or Holy Sanctuary and exit without recovering them, they'll be lost forever.
  • Items that are buried will disappear after a time, becoming unrecoverable. The exact amount of time might depend on the room.

Ritually burying a corpse has much the same effect as burying it, except that it costs 50 gp per corpse, no gp is received back, and it gives command xp in addition to normal burial xp.

Recovering items

To get back an item which has been buried, you "recover" it. You may also recover an item inside another item. You can recover up to twenty objects at a time.

If the item is light enough, it will end up in your inventory. If it's too heavy for you to carry, it will end up on the ground.

recover <buried object> 
recover <thing> in <buried object>

You can also recover a corpse part from a corpse, cutting it off in the process. For example:

recover heart in corpse
You recover the bird heart.

You need to be holding a suitable sharp weapon for this usage.

This method can be used to recover Grflx Hide from the Grflx Queen which can then be dragged away, even when players are unable to get it normally!


You can't bury things under the following circumstances:

  • If you're inside of some type of real estate.
  • If you're in a water room and not at the bottom.
  • If it's too dark to see.
  • If the thing you're trying to bury is a player corpse that is not your own.
  • If you are in combat.

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