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A player's burden is a measure of how much difficulty they are having carrying things and moving around due to the encumberance of their inventory.

Burden calculation

Your burden is calculated as follows:

  • Add up the weight of all items in your possession, in all your containers.
    • Worn items count as half their weight.
    • Items held in one hand count as twice their weight.
    • Items held in two hands count as 1.5x their weight.
  • Determine your maximum carrying capacity as:
Maximum carrying capacity (lb) = 1.89 * (20 + strength + strength2/5)
  • Divide the first by the second to get your burden level.

Effects of burden

Burden has the following effects:

Dexterity penalties

  • 50-74% burden results in a -1 dex penalty.
  • 74-99% burden results in a -2 dex penalty.
  • 100% burden results in a -3 dex penalty.

Picking up and dropping things

  • You cannot pick things up if they would cause you to go over 100% burden.
  • If your burden changes such that it exceeds 100% (for example, due to a loss of strength), then you will automatically drop items to reduce it below 100% again.

Combat efficiency

  • Burden negatively affects one's 'to-hit' chance with all weapons.
  • If fighting unarmed, then there is an additional 'to-hit' penalty from burden.
  • Burden negatively affects one's ability to successfully parry or dodge an incoming attack.
  • An additional penalty to dodging occurs if your burden is over twice your dexterity stat.
  • Burden increases the action point cost of dodging.


The more burden a player has, the more trouble they will have staying afloat while swimming. This can be counteracted somewhat by effects that increase a player's buoyancy, such as being a witch or wearing an aquamarine magick crystal or swim ring.

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