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Weapon information
Precise dimensions No information
Material No information
Weight 3 3/9 lb.
Thaums/sec  ? stable / ? talisman / ? max
Hands 2
Commands Bash
Melee type Polearm
Judge data
No melee judge information

A broomstick is one of the most recognizable symbols of a witch, demanding almost as much respect as the pointy hat. Witches can use their brooms to fly about the disc, providing rapid transportation over long distances.

Long Description

This is an ordinary sweeping implement that consists of a long handle to which a brush of twigs is attached. You may be able to use it to fly, but only under certain conditions. You must be well practised in things witchy, and you must possess the wondrous, mysterious, and womanly talent called headology.

Acquiring broomsticks

Broomsticks can be found in the following locations:

  • The McSweeney Estate on the Counterweight Continent. Enter the Estate and go all the way north to the scullery and look for a hidden closet. 'Enter' it, and take the broomstick.


Broomsticks do not use GP when they make a flight, rather, they are fuelled up beforehand from the witch's GP, and that fuel is used up each flight.

Broomsticks have a maximum fuel capacity of 600 GP, and use up 200 GP with every flight. Thus, they can store a maximum of three flights' worth of fuel. Witches can 'shake' their broomstick to determine how much fuel is left, in terms of number of flights.

Up to half the witch's magic.methods.mental.channeling bonus in GP can be fuelled into the broom in a single go without risk of failure, however, there is no limit on how quickly successive fuellings can be.

Attempting to take off with 0 GP in the broom simply results in no take off attempt being made. Attempting to take off with 1-199 GP fuel in the broom will result in the witch running out of fuel mid-flight, and crash-landing.

While it is possible to fuel in combat, it is much more difficult. Slightly less than half the gp that can generally be fuelled may be reliably be fuelled, for certain values of slightly.

Attempting to fuel a broom with more GP than it can hold will cause the excess to go to waste, unless the broom is already completely full, in which case the attempt simply won't be made.

Fuelling a broom will automagically cause it to be held in your hands, displacing any weapons you were holding.

Broom slots and recording

Each broom has a number of 'broom slots'. Witches can 'record' a particular location in a broom slot, and then use the slot to fly back to it later.

Brooms initially come with 12 slots. When the broom is bonded, this number of slots changes to an amount dependent on the witch's adventuring.direction bonus, via the following table:

Broom slots Adventuring.direction bonus
13 104
14 116
15 127
16 146
17 161
18 191
19 226
20 266
21 324
22 393
23 482

Only valid fly-to locations can be recorded. Thus, they must be:

When recording a location, a description may be provided. This description can make use of colour.

A witch can list her broom slots at any time by using the 'recall' command.

Taking off

The witch's bonus in magic.items.held.broom determines how well she is able to use her broom for taking off and landingresearch. This bonus might prevent breaking of legs on landingresearch. The difficulty of taking off might also be affected by the enchantment level of the broom.research

There is a small period of time - about 1-2 seconds - after landing in which the witch will not be able to take off again.

In order to take off, the witch must be holding her broom, however, the broom will automagically be held on take off if it is anywhere in her carried inventory.

When taking off, the witch must designate a target to fly to - this may be either a unique named NPC or player, or a pre-recorded location slot.

To take off, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • The witch must be outside
  • The target must be outside
  • Both witch and target must not be in no fly zones.
  • The broom must have fuel.
  • The target must not be a creator.
  • The broomstick must be held with two hands.

Note that some NPC targets are un-fly-toable (typically, these are the same as the NPCs which are unscryable), irrespective of where they are.

Passengers, pets and minions

Witches cannot carry passengers on their brooms.

Ambulatory pets and minions must be picked up by the witch before flying, lest they be left behind. Flying minions (such as fruitbats and fireflies), however, will automagically fly after the witch to her destination.


With each flight, there is a chance that the witch will not end up at her intended destination. The chance of a 'misflight' is affected by the following:

  • A higher adventuring.direction bonus reduces the chance of a misflightresearch.
  • Lower light levels on takeoff increase the chance of a misflightresearch.
  • Misflights are more likely when flying to named targets than recorded locationsresearch.

When a misflight occurs, it will send the witch to the current location of a randomly chosen player who is outside. Note that this location is selected at takeoff, so the witch may land and find no-one is around if that player has moved in the meantime.

An unfortunate consequence of this is that witches are more likely to misfly to groups than solo players, and groups are more likely to be in dangerous zones (such as The Snail, The Shades, etc.). Therefore it is recommended that witches have enough fuel for at least two flights before flying, as this gives them enough left to get away from anywhere hostile on landing.

In flight

After take off, witches enter the special 'flying room'. In this room, they can take no action other than look. After a few seconds, they will return to the ground.

Flying room curiosities

Whilst in the flying room, you may see:

  • The T-shop zoom past.
  • Creators lounging on the clouds.
  • Non witches unhappily flying through the air (eg. as a result of being catapulted, kicked by Dunky, etc). They are in for a painful landing...
  • Hattian priests visiting you (also in for a painful landing).

Flying room bugs

Occasionally, you may find yourself stuck in the flying room. This is very unfortunate, because you cannot make any commands (such as, 'tell <liaison> Help!'). Should you find yourself in this unpleasant situation, the approved way to deal with it is:

  • Create a guest character
  • Log on with guest character
  • IMMEDIATELY tell a liaison 'Help, my witch character (<name>) is stuck in the flying room'.


There are two things that can cause a crash:

  • Taking off with less than 200 GP fuel.
  • Losing one's broom mid-flight (for example, due to fumbling).

When either of the above happen, the witch will crash-land. This causes the following:

  • A <witch>-shaped crater appears in that room.
  • The witch breaks her legs.
  • The witch falls unconscious for a while.

Broken legs are bad for a great many reasons:

  • You can't fly with them.
  • Your stats are loweredresearch.
  • You can only move by crawling.
  • Crawling eats up a lot of GP, stats and HP with every attempt to move, which will eventually result in not being able to move until your stats regenerate.

To fix broken legs, the witch needs to get to a doctor. There are various options for doing this:

  • Crawl there. This is usually only an option if the doctor is very close.
  • Carry around portal scrolls and a blorpled ring to the doctor, ask a friend to create a portal there and crawl through(JPCT has a dancing stage which cannot be done with broken legs).
  • Ask for help - the witches channel can usually arrange a rescue; otherwise priests may be able to passage you to a doctor, and wizards may be able to portal you there.

Other uses

Broomsticks have a few other uses beyond flying:


Broomsticks are utensils, and as such can be floated with Grammer Scorbic's Household Guard.


Broomsticks can be used as a weapon of type polearm. They judge as 'very good', and can be used to bash.

Note that Imperial guards don't consider broomsticks to be weapons (clearly, they are simple sweeping implements), and hence will not confiscate them.

There are advantages and disadvantages to witches using a broom in combat:

  • The broom is a fairly good weapon.
  • You always have a means of escape ready to hand
  • You don't incur additional burden from carrying broom and weapon.
  • The polearm skill depends on two parts constitution and three parts strength, neither of which are stats witches typically have much of.
  • There are better polearms that can be used.
  • If your broom breaks due to combat damage, you have nothing to fly with.


Flying to remembered locations

Both of these commands have the same effect:

fly to <number> on <broom>
engage <number> with <broom>
Flying to named targets
fly to <target> on <broom>
Fuelling the broom
fuel <broom> with <amount> gp
Determining how much fuel is left
shake <broom>
Recording locations
record <location> as <description> on <broom>
Listing stored locations
recall from <broom>


Failure to take off

Target doesn't exist
Your broom splutters a bit, then rests quietly in your hands.
Target is in a no-fly zone or otherwise not fly-toable.
Your broom splutters a bit, then quivers questioningly.
Target is indoors
You attempt takeoff on your broomstick but have to abandon the idea because your destination is indoors and you would have trouble landing in the confined space.
Witch is indoors
You attempt takeoff on your broomstick but have to abandon the idea due to the confined space.
Fail magic.items.held.broom skillcheck
You trip over a cat, tree root etc.
Flying to the current room
You jump onto your broom and into the air... and land again with a thud.
Flying within 1-2 seconds of a previous flight
You are still suffering from jet lag from your previous flight.

Fuel reserves

The following are the messages a witch gets when she shakes her broom:

600 GP left
You shake the broomstick vigorously and from the sloshing inside you guess that there is fuel enough for three trips.
400-599 GP left
You shake the broomstick vigorously and from the sloshing inside you guess that there is fuel enough for two trips.
200-399 GP left
You shake the broomstick vigorously and from the sloshing inside you guess that there is fuel enough for one trip.
1-199 GP left
You shake the broomstick vigorously and from the sloshing inside you guess that there is not enough fuel for even a single flight.
0 GP left
You shake the broomstick vigorously and, from the complete lack of sloshing inside, deduce that it's quite empty.

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