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Briony sells towels in her shop and also offers custom beach towels available to order. She can be found in the underdocks of Ephebe.

This young lady is quite pale compared to the average Ephebian, but her disposition seems sunny enough.  Her reddish-brown hair glints in coppery hues when the light catches it and her deep brown eyes have a kindly look to them.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
Wearing : a pair of bronze-clad boots and a dark peach beach towel.


To order a custom towel you use the syntax "order <colour> towel".

The syntax for collecting a finished towel is "collect towel".

Custom towels cost S35|0de.


There is a large selection of colours and patterns available, grouped into families. To see the available colours or patterns you say, in Ephebian, "list <family> please". The families are white, black, grey, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, metallic shades and patterns.

Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of white: white, antique white, bright white, cream, ivory, off-white, pure white, soft white, vanilla, apple white, bone white, bridal white, cloud white, cool white, delicate cream, flax white, eggshell white, linen white, ghost white, moonstone white, magnolia, snow white, seashell white, winter white, warm white, down white, beachwood white, desert sand white, bisque white, blackberry cream, bleached parchment-white, champagne white, Hubland snow white, old lace white, ice white, Sto Helit lace white, papaya whip white, virginal white or teardrop white.
Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of black: black, charcoal black, ebony, blue-black, coal black, greasy black, green-black, midnight black, oily black, purple-black, pitch black, eerie black, galaxy black, sin black or subtle black.
Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of grey: grey, charcoal grey, dark grey, dark slate grey, dim grey, light grey, pale grey, slate grey, smoke grey, tombstone grey, ash grey, taupe, asparagus grey, cloud grey, dove grey, lead grey, pearl grey, silvery grey, pewter grey, storm-cloud grey, steel grey, dolphin grey, honeydew grey, ice grey, mist grey, pebblestone grey, raindrop grey, Klatchian steel grey, Ramtop grey, dark iron-grey, iron grey, tin grey or steel grey.
Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of red: red, blood red, bright red, bright scarlet, crimson, dark red, dark scarlet, deep red, light red, magenta, maroon, pale red, rich red, scarlet, vermilion, burgundy, carmine red, cerise, auburn, brick red, cherry red, dark coral red, coral red, mordant red, mahogany red, raspberry red, poppy red, rusty red, rose red, sunset red, sunset scarlet, sangria red, wine red, desert sand-red, Auriental red, battlefield crimson, blood-of-infidel red, candy apple red, cardinal red, military red, firelight red, Pseudopolis red, oxblood or Sekkite red.
Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of pink: pink, bright pink, dark pink, dusty pink, light pink, pale pink, pastel pink, cerise pink, blushing pink, cherry blossom pink, dark rose pink, dark salmon pink, desert rose pink, fuchsia pink, dusty rose pink, orchid pink, hot pink, pale magenta, pale cerise, pearly pink, pale rose pink, salmon pink, sunset pink, rose pink, wild rose-pink, tulip pink, Bois pink, cotton candy-pink, dewy pink, Morpork rose, flamingo pink, rose blush-pink, shocking pink, seamstress pink or Sto Helit-rose.
Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of orange: orange, dark amber, dark orange, dark peach, light amber, light orange, light peach, pale amber, pale orange, pale peach, peach, tea rose, autumn leaf orange, burnt orange, dark goldenrod, dark tangerine, golden orange, light goldenrod, marmalade, saffron, pumpkin orange, sunset orange, Brindisi orange, carrot orange, creamy orange, straw orange or tawny orange.
Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of yellow: yellow, bright yellow, dark yellow, golden yellow, lemon yellow, light yellow, pale yellow, pastel yellow, buttercup yellow, butterscotch yellow, canary yellow, corn yellow, daffodil yellow, dandelion yellow, mustard yellow, pale saffron, goldenrod, straw yellow, primrose yellow, pale primrose yellow, sand yellow, saffron yellow, mellow yellow, sunlight yellow, candlelight yellow, cat's eye yellow, Djelian yellow, lemon cream yellow, wheat yellow, wild honey yellow or desert sun yellow.
Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of green: green, aquamarine, bright green, dark green, khaki, light green, pale green, pastel green, yellow green, cabbage green, celadon green, dark tea green, drab olive, fern green, forest green, ivy green, grass green, leaf green, jade green, mint green, lime green, olive, moss green, apple green, peridot green, pear green, sage green, sea green, pine green, tea green, midnight green, silvery green, asparagus green, aspen green, avocado green, eggshell green, Flatulus green, Gloomy Forest green, Hogswatch tree green, hemlock green, moorland green, Lancre green, seaweed green, pale spring green, thistle green or spring green.
Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of blue: blue, azure, azure mist, bright blue, bright turquoise, cobalt blue, cyan, dark blue, deep blue, light blue, navy blue, pale blue, baby blue, ash blue, bay blue, cerulean blue, cornflower blue, crystal blue, dark cerulean blue, eggshell blue, denim blue, ice blue, grape blue, midnight blue, lake blue, periwinkle blue, pale cornflower blue, robin's egg blue, sea blue, powder blue, silvery blue, sky blue, sea mist blue, teal, ultramarine, steel blue, Bay of Ephebe blue, blue-moss, blue whisper, blue-violet, dodger blue, frosty blue, heron blue, Genuan blue, Klatchian blue, Hubland sky blue, serene blue, kingfisher blue, Speedwell Street blue, speedwell blue or desert sky-blue.
Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of purple: purple, bright purple, bright violet, dark indigo, dark lavender, dark purple, dark violet, indigo, lavender, light indigo, light purple, light lavender, light violet, lilac, mauve, pale indigo, pale purple, pale lavender, pale violet, violet, amethyst, aubergine, blackberry, dark amethyst, heather, iris purple, pale plum, lavender blush, mulberry, plum, twilight purple, thistle violet, wisteria purple, wine-dark purple, blushing lavender, foxglove purple, Genuan violet, heliotrope violet, mystic mauve, paradox purple, Tsortean purple or Quirmian lavender.
Briony says to you: I can stock towels in the following shades of brown: brown, beige, chocolate brown, dark brown, pale brown, pale tan, tan, dark tan, deep brown, light brown, light tan, autumn leaf brown, blanched almond, burnt cream, brass brown, burnt umber, burnt sienna, cinnamon, chestnut, dark sienna, dark oak brown, earthy brown, golden brown, dark terracotta, light umber, oak, honey brown, pale chestnut, pale sandy brown, ochre, raw umber-brown, rich chocolate brown, rosy brown, puce, rust brown, sandy brown, sepia brown, russet brown, terracotta, umber, sienna, chestnut brown, coffee bean brown, gingerbread man brown, Klatchian coffee brown, Krullian leather brown, mocha brown, desert sand brown, Sto Plains silt brown or desert tan.
Metallic Shades
Briony says to you: I have the following metallic shades available: silver, dark silver, light silver, pale silver, tarnished silver, platinum, gold, dark gold, pale gold, light gold, bourbon gold, old gold, rich gold, rose gold, white gold, red gold, bronze, antique brass, brass, copper, dark bronze, dark brass, pale bronze, dark copper, pale copper, pale brass, light brass, light bronze, light copper, rosy bronze or old bronze.
Briony says to you: Here are the patterns I currently stock: black and white striped, black and white chequered, black and white patched, yellow and brown patched, yellow and brown spotted, orange and black striped, grey and black spotted, red and green striped, yellow and green striped, blue and white striped, orange and black patched, red and white spotted or white and gold sparkling.