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Brindisian is a language mainly spoken by Brindisian NPCs in Genua in Little Brindisi off Florin Avenue.

This is a newly released language and work on this page is in progress.

Learning it

It can be learned from Mamma Filomena in a sweet bakery on Little Brindisi between Florin Avenue and Savannah Road in Genua. The lessons are free and all you have to do is request a lesson - "syntax request".

In order to learn Brindisian, one should have 90 levels of spoken Morporkian.

Mamma Filomena also requests her students to return after they've "practiced a little", just like the Klatchian teacher in Djelibeybi. Lessons can be requested at levels 0, 20 & 40 in spoken Brindisian.

If you have set accents to mangle, then you might have a problem learning Brindisian. Type the following command to set accents to unadulterated before requesting a lesson.

options output accent = unadulterated

TMing it


There are Brindisian NPCs who can be found around Little Brindisi.

Room chats in Brindisian can be found on the main street through the area, such as outside the bakery, the tavern, and the coffee house.

Both Venditore degli Avanzi in a droghiere north of the bakery on Little Brindisi and Mamma Filomena speak in both Brindisian and Morporkian when you list things in their shops.


There is a neat little tavern in Little Brindisi which has a menu.