Brass trombone

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Brass trombone
Musical instruments Information
Type Wind
Tuneable Yes
Mallet No
To play, must be... Held
Size 2.5' x 6"
Weight 1 3/9 lb
Material Brass
Other None


The trombone is a fine wind instrument made out of brass. It is similar to a large trumpet, consisting of a long tube that curves back on itself, ending in a bell. On the end of this tube fits a slide, allowing the user to change pitches. It has a somewhat complicated system of three ventholes which seems to regulate its pipes.

Where Found

Public area

  • None


  • None




Bonus Range Message
173-216 You play some clashing notes on your brass trombone.
173-216 A sound so horrible that there should be a law against it comes from the brass trombone as you play it.


Bonus Range Message
173-216 You play something that sounds like ducks fighting on your brass trombone.
173-216 You perform a solo lacking in creativity and, indeed, melody on your brass trombone.


Bonus Range Message
173-216 You serenade <target> with an awful tune of clashing notes on your brass trombone, showing no consideration to anyone's eardrums.
188-216 You serenade <target> with your brass trombone, playing something that sounds like two tom cats fighting.

Other Information

  • No other information is available.