Brass Neck

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Brass Neck is a terrifying and relentless death-trap in the Ramtops.


To the south of Brass Neck is Mad Stoat. The Ramtops Mountains begin to the north.

Language and currency

The language in Brass Neck is Morporkian. The local currency is the Lancre crown.

Player shops

There is one player shop in Brass Neck, in the following location:


  • A smithy is just north of the market square. This smithy has facilities for jewellery.
  • Virgo Vango paints portraits on the east side of the market square.
  • Maurice Trimbleworthy makes custom cloaks.




Stepping off of the path (i.e., trying to move in a direction which is not an obvious exit in some rooms) in Brass Neck can result in falling off a cliff. This is nearly always fatal, and Finneblaugh's Thaumic Float does not protect against it. However, a quick thinking witch can use her broom mid-fall to potentially escape a meeting with HE WHO TALKS LIKE THIS, though pets such as moon dragons (confirmed) and bats (?) may not be as lucky.

Cliff exits include:

  • all unmarked exits from "A precarious pass through the mountains [s,ne]."
  • all unmarked exits from "A trail through Leaping Mountain [n,sw]."
  • all unmarked exits besides north and northeast from "A trail around the mountain [e,nw]."
  • south or southwest from "A narrow trail along the mountain [w,se]."
  • all unmarked exits besides north and northeast from "A sloping path around Leaping Mountain [e,nw]."
  • northeast, east, southeast, or south from "A road [n,sw]."
  • east or southeast from "A winding road [s,ne]."
  • south or southeast from "A road outside of Brass Neck [e,sw]."
  • southwest, south, or southeast from "A road [n,e,w]."

Shown below is the terrain immediately around Brass Neck. Grey lines between rooms represent climbing exits, and the numbers next to the lines are the slopes; black lines between rooms represent normal flat exits. A nine-square map of the area immediately surrounding Brass Neck. Brass Neck itself is in the centre, with connecting road rooms in the northeast and southwest squares.  From Brass Neck to either of the roads, the exits are normal and climbing is not required. It is also flat between the three southernmost squares.  Between the three northernmost squares, the slopes are 17 yards. From the west square to the northwest square, the slope is 35 yards, and other slopes between the northernmost squares and the east or west squares are 50 yards. Between the southernmost squares and the east or west squares, the slopes are 650 yards.

People wandering off cliffs seem to end up in one of the three moorland rooms.

Getting to the moorland room immediately to the south of Brass Neck is easy, only requiring going east from the southwest road. Getting to the moorland rooms to the east or west requires some climbing, and you should start from the road leading northeast out of Brass Neck to avoid the steepest slopes. From the road, climb south for the east moorland room, or climb west twice, then south for the west moorland room. Look before you climb, as there may be aggressive npcs in these terrains (evil trolls and sometimes moose in the moorland or mountains, and yetis, lynxes, or brigands in the mountains).