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Bottles are vessels that can hold a liquid, or certain solids (such as honey and ground herbs).


Bottles are most commonly used on discworld to hold:


  • Bottles can be found in various locations about the disc, especially witch cottages.
  • Shops that sell liquids usually sell them in bottles.
  • The glassmaking shop on the Street of Cunning Artificers in Ankh-Morpork can create custom bottles.


The colours available in witch cottages and other locations are as follows:


  • Wee Flaudia's cottage has a random selection of bottles in several unique colours, including golden, pink, rose and vermilion.
  • Ethel Applebaum's cottage has a random selection of standard colours, plus rainbow-coloured and clear bottles.


Bottles break if put into a non-wearable container (like a box) but are safe enough in wearable containers (like a pack).


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