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Bottles are vessels that can hold a liquid, or certain solids (such as honey and ground herbs).


Bottles are most commonly used on discworld to hold:


  • Bottles can be found in various locations about the disc, especially witch cottages.
  • Shops that sell liquids usually sell them in bottles.
  • The glassmaking shop on the Street of Cunning Artificers in Ankh-Morpork can create custom bottles.


The colours available in witch cottages are as follows:


  • Wee Flaudia's cottage has a random selection of bottles in several unique colours, including golden, pink, rose and vermilion.
  • Ethel Applebaum's cottage has a random selection of standard colours, plus rainbow-coloured and clear bottles.


Bottles break if put into a non-wearable container (like a box) but are safe enough in wearable containers (like a pack).


  • If a player goes swimming whilst carrying any open bottle anywhere about their person (including in backpacks, sacks, etc.), then that bottle will be topped up to the brim with water, diluting whatever was previously in the bottle.
  • In rain and possibly snowresearch water will also fall in containers if they are not closed or in other containers (not sure if closing the external container is neededresearch)

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