Boolywog's Forbidden Pleasures

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Boolywog's Forbidden Pleasures
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
GP cost 25
Mind space 10
Thaums 2
Components A potato, an octogram
Tome Begynners' Magick

Boolywog's Forbidden Pleasures (abbreviated as BFP) is a miscellaneous spell which summons a demon. The demon offers the caster a choice of three "unimaginable delights": baked, mashed or fried potato. Mmm.

The succubus disappears once the caster makes a choice.

Spell details

This spell costs 25 gp to cast and takes up 10 units of mind space.


The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


This spell requires a potato and the focus of an octogram.

Casting Messages

You prepare to cast Boolywog's Forbidden Pleasures.
You chant strange and terrible words.
You let your mind imagine the most sensual scenes you can.
You throw the potato into the center of the octogram.
There is a sudden rush of air and a POP as a creature appears in the room.
The succubus asks: Right! Will it be mashed, fried or baked, then? 
This is a voluptuous demon, bent on seducing men to win their souls.  She has two large, firm, taut wings, and a curving, smooth, neatly trimmed set of horns.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.

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