Booch's Extremal Polymorphism

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Booch's Extremal Polymorphism
Spell information
Nickname bep
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Grow a new arm.
GP cost 70
Mind space 50
Thaums 10
Components troll arm, human arm, dwarf arm
Tome Ye Booke of Polymorphe

Booch's Extremal Polymorphism (abbreviated as BEP) is a miscellaneous spell which causes the caster to grow a new arm.

The focus of an octogram is required


(Minor Fail) Components consumed

(Major Fail) Components consumed, caster loses 1 arm

The major fail seems to occur when succeeding in the spell stage checks but failing a second unknown check (against misc?  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. ) that increases with the number of limbs you already have. With roughly 320 bonus in the methods, every cast grew an arm or lost an arm.


It is important to note that after casting BEP all of the casters limbs will become vulnerable to being cut off in combat (both new and original arms)

Your stomach arm doesn't seem to like being beaten like this, so it decides to abandon you.

A TPA absorbing a blow completely will not protect from possible amputation. Parrying or blocking blows can also cause limb loss (even if it is not that arm parrying).

Any limbs lost through backfires or combat mishaps can be regrown through recasting of BEP (though you will be just as likely to get more unnatural arms in odd places as to regrow your original ones), death (including PK, PK arena and CTF deaths), or, by far the most practical option, going to the Igor in the Five Ways bell tower (under a slab) and asking him to fix you. Wizards aiming for a particular arm or with low skills may want to take their cartload of picked arms down into Igor's room and perform their casting there. Dying and getting fixed by Igor will both reset your arms to the original two regardless of how many you had.

Spell details

This spell costs 70 gp to cast and takes up 45 units of mind space.

The extra arm may grow from a range of body parts. The extra arm may obstruct item/armor slots or cause a -2 dex penalty depending on its location. Losing one of your original arms will also incur a -1 dex penalty and losing both will incur a whopping -8, regardless of the presence of any substitute arms.

Arm position Referred to as Drawback
Growing from the top of her head/centre of her forehead Top hand/Forehead hand Can't wear helmets and hats
Growing from the middle of her neck Neck hand Can't wear necklaces eg mirrored timepiece
Growing from the centre of her chest Chest hand No drawback? Seems to be most practical position
Growing from the centre of her stomach Stomach hand Can't wear pouched belts eg the custom belt pack
Growing from her left armpit/her right armpit Lower left/right hand -2 dex, -3 if you have both

With sufficiently high skills, a second casting for a total of four arms is possible.

The new arm may hold a third weapon, though there is no additional bonus for holding more weapons beyond the second, it may not wear rings and you cannot have two pairs of iron gauntlets even with 4 arms. Unfortunately, there are no tactics attack or tactics parry for the extra arms. Holding a Klein bottle in the extra arm seems to have a chance to break it, regardless of tactics.


Spellcheck results
140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 320 340

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:

Casting messages


You check the contents of your inventory.  
You fetch a troll arm from the pile of your belongings and put it on the ground.  
You find a dwarf arm from among your stuff and place it on the ground near the troll arm.  
Finally, you discover a human arm and place it on the ground so that the three arms form a triangle.  
You spend several seconds admiring the gruesome picture of the arm triangle.


A new limb growing from the centre of your stomach makes you wonder if you are still a human.
Unbearable pain blurs your vision as a brand new arm springs from the centre of your chest.
Ok, now you have an additional arm hanging from the top of your head.  What's next?

Fauran tries to maintain her balance as a new limb appears from the centre of her stomach.

(look): She looks unusual, probably due to an extra arm growing from the centre of her stomach.


Your right arm releases a jo, and it falls to the ground.
You feel a dull pain in your right arm.

Suddenly Fauran drops her jo.
Fauran's right arm falls to the ground. Ouch.

(look): She looks pretty unusual, probably due to the fact that she is missing an arm from her standard right arm socket.

What others see

Tiny Fauran rummages through her backpack.
Tiny Fauran tries to hold too many items at once and fumbles a severed troll arm.
Tiny Fauran makes one more clumsy move, and a dwarf arm finds its place near the troll arm.
Finally, a severed human arm falls from Tiny Fauran's backpack, forming a nasty-looking triangle of the three severed arms on the ground.
Tiny Fauran stops rummaging through her backpack and looks at the pattern the arms have formed.

When you go back to having 2 arms, you will no longer have a chance to lose arms from parrying or being hit.

You feel the thaumic energy leave you.

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