Bone blowpipe

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Bone blowpipe
Weapon information
Precise dimensions No information
Material bone
Weight 0.5
Thaums/sec 3 stable / 3 talisman / 6 max
Hands 1
Commands load fire
Melee type None
Ranged type Fired
Judge data
Fired judge poor

Long Description

A massive rib bone from the feared Basilisk has been hollowed and etched with primitive sigils. Rough cloth has been glued to one end with a thick, yellow resin. The end product lacks the technical flair of more modern blowpipes, but whoever acquired the materials had to be of tremendous skill. Perhaps appearances are deceiving.

Appraises As

The bone blowpipe is about six inches long and a couple of inches wide. It is made of bone and could be used as a fired weapon.


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