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Command information
GP Cost 10
Learnt At 15 of fighting.special.unarmed & 15 of fighting.unarmed.grappling
Skills Used fighting.special.unarmed
Items Needed an apple and a bucket with at least one cup of water
Guild Warriors

Bob is an unarmed fighting command that anyone can learn.


The bucket of water must be held and the other hand empty so in between bobs you fight unarmed.

Upon execution of the command, the apple is thrown at the target who's head is then shoved into the bucket.

You prepare to bob the happy shepherd.
You throw an apple at the happy shepherd, grab his head and shove it down into the small bucket.
You scream out 'Bob for this!' as you try to drown him.
The happy shepherd manages to free himself from the small bucket.

The apple remains inside the victim so you need more apples if you want to keep using bob.

Water needed

It was possible to bob using a small bucket when it was filled with "one cup of water", but after sipping and "seven ounces of water" remained it did not work.

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