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Blue water is a liquid which heals the drinker.

Blue water, bottled.
Blue water, bottled.


Blue water can be found in the fountain at the centre of the atrium inside the Temple of Small Gods in Ankh-Morpork. The fountain replenishes itself slowly, a varying small amount dribbling into it every few Roundworld minutes or so.

There is also a fountain of blue water in Sessifet's temple in Djelibeybi.


A player can drink from the fountain directly, but the common approach is to fill a portable liquids container such as a bottle or canteen so they can heal themselves in any location.

It used to be possible to combine blue water with healing tea but now it only seems to produce thick green ooze.


When drank, blue water will immediately restore some of the drinker's HP, specifically 2.5 HP per drop of blue water. Unlike healing tea, blue water does not have any effect on the drinker's regeneration rate.