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Characters can be temporarily blinded in several ways. It lasts for a few minutes or so (or for as long as you wear a blindfold or stay in a too-dark or too-bright room) and waiting is the only way to regain sight.

Getting blinded

You can become blinded in the following ways:

  • Attempting to shatter a Stasis sphere.
  • If you ask for healing from Franklin Giovinn in his shrine to Squimble on the Isle of Gods in Ankh-Morpork, one possible effect is becoming blind.
  • Combining chemicals in the Amalgamator in the Alchemists' Guild can result in a flash of light that blinds you.
  • Wearing a blindfold causes you to be blind for as long as you wear it.
  • Being in a room that's too bright or too dark to see has approximately the same effect.
  • When ordering a custom puppet in Mad Stoat (the shop owner takes your photo with a flash iconograph). Wearing dwarfish goggles sometimes protects you from the flash.
  • Looking at the light in the Hashishim cave.
  • Through scrying someone with a crystal ball.
  • Using a can of hairspray.
  • Attempting and failing to cut vines.
  • Eating a gingerbread bat from Mrs Plenty's shop in Slippery Hollow may have this effect.


Not being able to see has the following effects:

  • You can't look or glance at things, read things, tell how much money you have, condition things, appraise things, locate things or count things.
  • You can't search, value objects, hide, or sneak.
  • Although you can perceive souls, emotes, says, and people looking at you, you can't tell who's doing them, instead only being able to tell that "someone" did something.
  • Manipulating objects is more limited: you're unable to get things (including "get all") from the room or from containers, or palm things into your hands. You can still hold things, drop things, put things in containers, and tell what's in your inventory.
  • You can't, for the most part, refer to other living things in the room. This includes ordering minions to do things.
  • You can't perform rituals that require the power of sight. You also can't see the result of some rituals that you can perform (for example, you can't see that you've summoned a Dust Devil).
  • Being blind prevents you from being paralysed by the basilisk. (However he attacks.)
  • While wearing a blindfold, you can bob for garlic at the fair in Escrow.
  • You can't cut vines.
  • You can't buy things.

Your adventuring.perception is unaffected, but it's unclear whether your ability to perceive and/or prevent covert actions is affected.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore.