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Ritual information
Deities Fish Sek
GP cost 75
Components holy amulet, holy symbol
Required powers Speech
Learned At 225 levels (Sek)

245 levels (Fish)

Resisted By No
Angers? Yes
Type Offensive
Steps 4
Targets others
Description Makes a target more vulnerable to harm.
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help

Blight is a priest ritual causing its victim to become weaker and more susceptible to harm. To perform this ritual you will need the holy symbol of your god and a holy amulet.


The target of the ritual is made weaker and more susceptible to harm.

It can be performed mid-combat.

Any damage done to the target is increased by a certain amount, it is probably capped at a certain point, perhaps double damage.

One of the few rituals, which require fairly high bonuses to cast successfully and effectively.

If the target is already under the effect of blight a further performing of the ritual will fail.




You imagine a field of grain, blowing gently in the wind.
You envision the entire crop rotting away.
You hold this image in your mind.
You cry out to Gufnork, asking for this to be so.


Pinkfish appears to be more vulnerable now.


What the target sees

What others see

Wearing off

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