Bleak Prospect

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Bleak Prospect is a village in the Sto Plains.


The village is located south of the river Ankh, between a flat bridge in the west and Egret bridge in the east.

Language and currency

The language in Bleak Prospect is Morporkian (with a Sto Plains accent). The local currency is the Ankh-Morpork dollar.


Currently no player council governs Bleak Prospect.


Three roads lead from the Ankh River road into the village, they all end at the village green, a little square in the centre. At the south west road there is a smithy, and at the north road there is a tannery. Shops are dotted around the village green that has a well in its south west corner. On the south west road there are a stable with cows, a camp fire and a wild rose bush.


The Ankh River Road carriage stops north of the village, but there is no stop in Bleak Prospect itself.


There are no player houses or player shops in Bleak Prospect.


  • A bakery.
  • A grocery.
  • A small crafts shop selling mostly shawls and socks.
  • The tannery sells basic leather goods as well as needles and individual threads (rather than spools) for mending fabric and leather.
  • The smithy sells (farming) tools and utensils.


The following facilities can be found in Bleak Prospect:

  • The Flying Klatchman Pub serves food and alcoholic beverages.
  • The well is a permanent source for water.
  • In the tannery goods made from leather can be repaired.
  • The smithy allows fixing of metal armour, weapons and jewellery.
  • The rose bush provides individual roses that can be worn.


The following spell components can be bought or found:


There are currently no guilds in Bleak Prospect.


Unique NPCs
  • Adalia Applegate - runs the grocery store
  • Alston Applegate - sits in the foyer of the town hall
  • Dolly Fidgewick - runs the bakery
  • Feeshon Cheaps - runs the pub
  • Grover Pennywit
  • Mac Spindlewick - runs the tannery
  • Old Grandma Higginbottom
  • Ronald Applegate - runs the smithy
  • Pam Dunthrive

General NPCs
  • Children
  • Country lasses
  • Farmers
  • Old coots
  • Zombies that auto-attack and pursue
  • Various farm animals