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Blackglass is a town in the Ramtops, just before Uberwald. It is part of Lancre.


Blackglass is southeast of Lancre Town, and north of Escrow. It is close to the east of Lancre Gorge.

Language and currency

The language in Blackglass is Morporkian (with a Lancrastian accent). The local currency is the Lancre crown.


Crime and Punishment


From the carriage stop, there is:

  • A road leading straight southwest out of town.
  • A leading south, then east, then south, then curving around back north.
  • A road leading northeast, that splits into a path going northwest, then north and a road going north and curving east and leading into Uberwald.

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All property in the Ramtops is handled from the real estate stall on the town square in Lancre Town.

The following conditions apply to real estate in the Ramtops:

  • Players with property elsewhere are ineligable to bid on types of property that they already own.
  • Property cannot be shared with those ineligable to bid, as above.
  • Players cannot bid on more than one property at a time.

Player housing

There are several player houses on the outskirts of town.


  • There is a smithy south, east, south, east, two north, and east of the carriage stop.
  • Players can get clothes mended at Old Gammer Crowface's clothes shop, southwest and south of the carriage stop, for &&&&&&&&&&&&+144 Ls 1|-.
  • There is a Frog bulletin board in the inn.


There are no guild facilities here.


Blackglass has the following shops:

  • Southwest and south of the carriage stop is Old Gammer Crowface's clothes shop, which sells witchy clothes. You can also get your clothes mended here, for &&&&&&&&&&&&+144 Ls 1|-.
  • South, east, and north of the carriage stop, there is a general store.
  • South, east, south, east, and southwest of the carriage stop, there is a jar shop.
  • South, east, south, east, north, and east of the carriage stop is the Crested Eagle Inn.
  • South, east, south, east, and three north of the carriage stop is a bakery.
  • Northeast, north, northeast, and south of the carriage stop is the undead defence shop--a weapon shop specializing in weapons against the undead.

Other points of interest