Black top hat

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A black top hat is a hat from which a player can pull various items, mostly as if you were casting a spell.


While carrying the top hat, you can "pull <object> from black top hat".


  • Hair falling out (no apparent effect except bring you out of hiding)
  • Feeling sleepy and, shortly afterwards, falling unconscious for a two and a half minutes (does drinking coffee before falling asleep help?)
  • A feeling of fear and paranoia, which seems to cause the occasional wimpy (leaving the room) effect along with chats.
  • Hallucinations of the spell failure variety for a few minutes
  • Garlic breath

Most of these are standard spell failures.

Items that can be pulled from the hat

To list all the objects that can be pulled out of the black top hat you can type "list items" while carrying the hat.

Name What you pull out Approximate bonuses that succeeds
Hankie an exquisitely embroidered <colour> silk handkerchief 175
Ball a truly magnificent ivory billiard ball 250
Flags the flags of all nations ?
Dove a white dove ?
Rabbit a pink rabbit ?

The items lower on the list require higher skills to pull out and cause more failures.

Skills checked to pull something out


Black top hats are sold at Darren Spangler's Accessories, on the east side of Sator's Square in Ankh-Morpork for A$100. See Kefka's item database.