Bifram's Amazing Fireworks

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Bifram's Amazing Fireworks
Spell information
Nickname baf
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Writes your name in the sky.
GP cost 50
Mind space 15
Thaums 3
Components lightable torch (consumed), burnt torch (consumed)
Tome Spelles of thee Arte of Fyre

Bifram's Amazing Fireworks (abbreviated as BAF) is an miscellaneous wizard spell that creates a fantastic display of fireworks.

Spell Details

This spell is similar to the spell Atmospheric Inscription Wonder except that the fireworks will only display the name of the caster, you cannot change the message.


This spells costs 50 GP to cast, and takes up 15 units of mind space. It uses up a torch.


Spellcheck results
50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


A burnt or new torch.

Casting messages


You prepare to cast Bifram's Amazing Fireworks.
You awaken the torch with words of power.
You summon a salamander from the fiery wastes of the eighth hell.
You bind the fiery spirit to the torch, whispering the eight secret names of the Lord of Hell to 
subdue it.
You draw upon the powers of fire, pouring them into the torch.
A small dot of flame shoots up from your hand and vanishes into the sky.


Right above you, you see:
A brilliant trail of yellow sparks follows a small dot up into the sky.
Right above you, you see:
The dot slowly slows down until it has stopped moving, and hovers for a few seconds.
Right above you, you see:
Suddenly the dot explodes, sending out bright red streamers of light in all directions and lighting 
up the sky for a few seconds.
Right above you, you see:
The red light fades to nothingness, and the last colour left in the sky shows the letters 
"Straightwire" which slowly disappear.


As you try to bind the fire elementals, the strain proves to much for the torch
and it explodes in a ball of flame and smoke!
You cough and gag on the smoke.

Torch is consumed.

To others

Doug Womblesworth mumbles something to the torch.
Doug Womblesworth waves his arms in the air and shouts something in a strange language.
Doug Womblesworth whispers something to the torch, which starts to glow.
Doug Womblesworth pinches his face in concentration and squeezes the torch.
A small dot of flame shoots out of Doug Womblesworth's hand and vanishes into the sky.
Right above you, you see:
     A small dot flashes up high into the sky.
Right above you, you see:
     The dot suddenly bursts open revealing bright multicoloured streams of
     flame that pour down towards the ground.
Right above you, you see:
     Just as you thought the streams had faded to nothing, they shoot back up
     into the air giving a final brilliant yellow colour before vanishing
Right above you, you see:
     As it fades you think you see the letters "Doug" in the gradually
     disappearing smoke.

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