Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble

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Bes Pelargic L-Space Buggle (Wizard's Guild)

The place for the billiards and demon dueling achievements!

Oh, and a Wizards' Guild guildhouse in Bes Pelargic.

You can enter it from the bookshop on Diamond Place. Aren't the alleys weird? Need a map?


The entire area is inside a bubble of L-space. Presumable because of this, most rooms are high in thaum concentration.

The Grand High Exalted Master at the entrance grants commands.

Books: (randomly placed in the four locations in the library)

On the sixth level of the willow in the courtyard


Just north of the entrance there is a gym with the demon Ezhkrr in it.

George Boots-san

Downstairs from the gym and inside a crate covered and protected by moss (ma.sp.sp bonus check to enter, requires no GP) is George Boots-san, smaller than a boot, and his shop. He sells components peculiar to the spells in the L-Space fragment: sliver of octiron, sapient pearwood seed and shimmering glass nugget. It may however be easier to go to some other shop than entering the crate.


Marginally more recently a courtyard was added above the gym. The courtyard, along with the rooms it leads to, is a no-portal zone.

The exits (including the exit down to the gym) are skill checked, though much less frustratingly than George Boots' shop. It appears to use magic.methods.spiritual.divining, as you can tm that by leaving the alcoves or looking in different directions.

Failing the skill check will have you go, or attempt to go, in a direction other than the one you intended. Since the gym is one of the places you can end up, you can use this to get out if you're having trouble getting back out--just try leaving in a direction other than down until you get out.

Dueling arena

Southwest there's the demon dueling arena in which you use the magic skills to fight through a demon you summon. See also Elanor's dueling page.

Wizard billiard

North, northwest and northeast (and another between those) are four Wizards' Billiards tables.

The billiard table to the north of the courtyard is the easiest to enter, then the one further north, then the one northwest of the courtyard and finally the one to the northeast of the courtyard.

See also Elanor's billiards page.

See also Winswand's research on the subject.

Candy store and smithy

Southeast is a candy store with attached smithy (with ash for Transcendent Pneumatic Alleviator) to the south.

In addition to a number of purely aesthetic edibles, the candy store sells:

  • A staff with a knob on the end, which can be used as a component in spells requiring a staff, but cannot be held and thus cannot be octograved with. Eating it gives a large sugar rush.
  • Airy candy remove your TPA when eaten.
  • Rock candy removes your CCC when eaten.
  • Rainbow candy removes all HEB shields (all four types plus lightning) when eaten.
  • Extremely dense candy removes FTF when eaten.
  • Star candy removes your Pmg effect when eaten.
  • Monochrome candy removes your Tmc effect when eaten.
  • Red hot will remove your CBB effects when eaten.
  • Violet mint will remove Garlic breath effects when eaten.
  • Red candy will cause you to generate angry-sounding chats for a few minutes after eating.
  • Blue candy will cause you to generate happy-sounding chats for a few minutes after eating.
  • Green candy will cause you to generate depressed-sounding chats for a few minutes after eating.
  • Yellow candy will cause you to generate excited-sounding chats for a few minutes after eating.
  • Hard candy will "harden your emotions" and end any of the red, blue, green, or yellow candy emotional chat effects immediately.

All of these items weigh 1/9th of an lb.

Legibles shop

To the east is a legibles shop that also sells regular firecrackers (No carrots. Pity.)

Custom clothing

West you can buy UU-style robes and sashes. Fluffy student makes custom wizard robes and Jolly student makes custom wizard hats. They are in rooms west of this store.

Under the canopy

At the center, under the canopy of the majestic tree, rests a great horned owl. The space under the canopy has a normal background magic level. You can "wander canopy" to get here, and "wander courtyard" to get back out.

The tree can be climbed--however, falling from the higher levels can do a large amount of damage (apparently upwards of 4k from the third level).

On the sixth level of the tree A Thousand Dancing Frogs can be found.

The Library

Available from just east of the entrance, the library comprises 3 levels with warp gates that switches you to another level. It also has a number of gaps on the third level. It has been mapped, but due to the quantum effects of magic, any such map may suddenly stop being accurate.

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