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Bes Pelargic map by Airk & Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar
BP Buildings map by Kefka

Bes Pelargic is the Counterweight Continent's port city.


Bes Pelargic is located near the middle of the west coast of the Counterweight Continent, which is itself located to the far northeast of the Circle Sea region. While it is possible to get there by walking and swimming, most people opt for magical or faith-based methods of getting there.

Language and currency

The language in Bes Pelargic is Agatean, and the currency is the Rhinu.

Crime and Punishment

  • Carrying weapons without a permit is illegal here, and Imperial Guards will confiscate them if you give them long enough to notice. Weapons in containers (including sheathes) are not confiscated, and neither are broomsticks and meat cleavers. ("locate weapons" will tell you what items you're carrying that count as weapons.) Luckily, you can buy your weapons back at the confiscated goods shop on Rhinu Road (the southmost road in the middle part of the city). Permits can be bought from a "shifty-looking man". There's one on Tuna Walk, and another one on the Tang pier. Price varies, apparently depending on guild level. Arms Permits expire after 90 roundworld days.
  • Imperial Guards will also become upset if they see you fighting, and will attack you.
  • If you kill a shopkeeper, shops will refuse to sell things to you, or let you list shop inventory, for a period of time. This seems to last for around 24 roundworld hours, but more research may be needed. (You can still shoplift items if you know the item is in stock, though!)
  • Killing old people and public servants is against the law here, though there is no coded punishment for it yet.


Bes Pelargic has no player council, but you can gain citizenship by taking the exam in the Hall of Records.


Bes Pelargic is largely rectangular, with a river bisecting it horizontally. It has seven districts:

  • The Shoo-Li district, north of the river and on the west.
  • The Sum Bing district, north of the river and in the middle.
  • The Imperial district, north of the river and on the east.
  • The Hong Fa district, south of the river and on the west.
  • The Pong Ping district, south of the river and in the middle.
  • The Bad Poo-Ning district, south of the river and on the east.
  • The Red Triangle district, in the southeast corner of the Bad Poo-Ning district.


Rickshaws can be used to get around. There are also a few ferries that go up and down the river.


Only citizens may bid on property here. The real estate office is just southeast of the Hall of Records, on the Street of the Smiling Dog in the Pong Ping district.

Player housing

Player housing is scattered throughout Bes Pelargic.

Player shops

Bes Pelargic has the following player shops:


  • The Hall of Records, in the southernmost part of the city and somewhat west of centre, with bulletin boards, a family room, a club room, a place to check Agatean family records, and a place to apply for citizenship.
  • A vault, where you can store your items, a little north of Blue Moon Park and just south of Riverview Walk
  • Two post offices: one a little ways west of Blue Moon Park, and another on Market Street, a little ways west of the Snail.
  • A bath house is just east of the Hall of Records.
  • The accupuncturist, a doctor, is on the western edge of the city, south of the river on Onetwolong Avenue.
  • A retrophrenologist is on the south edge of the city, on Onetwolong Avenue.
  • A print shop is on the north corner of Diamond Place in the Sum Bing district.
  • A tattoo parlour is in the southeast corner of the city.
  • The First Imperial Bank of the Empire is located on Rhinu Road, south of where it turns into Palace Approach. You must queue up before you can open an account, but after that you can use it freely. Type "join queue" in order to wait in line. It also has a branch on Market Street, a ways west of the Snail.
  • A smithy is on the south edge of the city, on Rhinu Road.
  • There are two tanneries: one connected to the smithy, and one just north of the ferry stop near Tora Bridge.
  • Sty Chin Chyne has a stall where she mends clothing on Jui-Pi Way, a northeast/southwest street southeast of the Samurai dojo.
  • An engraver is located on Butterfly Boulevard, a north-south street east of Pearl Bank Walk.

Agatean family estates also have various facilities, which family members (and sometimes others) may use.


Assassins' Guild

The Ninja guild is near the northeast corner of the city.

Priests' Guild

The red tower, housing a high altar and religious instructor for every worshippable deity for the Priests Guild, is north of the river on the far east side of the city

Thieves' Guild

A Thieves Guild branch is a bit northwest of Tuna Walk.

Warriors' Guild

  • The Samurai dojo is in the Shoo-Li district, on Wung-Chi Lane.
  • The Imperial Guard is just north of the temples, by the palace.

Witches' Guild

The house of Aunty Ogg-San is in the Pong Ping district, southwest of Phoenix Park.

  • It's possible to join the guild or advance here, and Aunty Ogg-San will also teach spells and give titles.
  • On a shelf there's usually some bottles, dried comfrey and dried yarrow.
  • Ogg-San's cauldron and a sink is a water source.
  • There's a fire below the cauldron that can be used to brew potions.
  • A bamboo crate can be used to store things over reboots.

The shelter of Mama Diksha is on top of a great pile of garbage off Ming Lane.

  • Mama Diksha sells witchy supplies and she teaches witch commands.
  • Outside her shelter the goats provide pellets and yarrow and comfrey grow in boxes.
  • Searching outside her shelter can yield small hag stones.
  • Nearby on the pile of garbage grow floppy Madmen mushrooms.

A great amount of herbs can be found in a garden behind a house on Gate Avenue:

There are spiders in the outhouse in the alley east of the house to test poison antidote.

On the intersection of Gate Avenue and Highe Redge Street there is a well that can be used as a water source. To fill the well you need to "wind handle". Then you can fill containers from the well. You can also empty the well.

Ivy seeds can be gathered on the corner of Onetwolong Avenue where it changes direction, southeast of the entrance to the Hong estate.

There are seven beehives on Confetti Lane.

Wizards' Guild

The Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble is in the Sum Bing district on the west corner of Diamond Place reached by wandering into the alleys between the bookshelves.

Custom shops

Other Features

  • The Culture Institute, where you can learn about Agatean Culture, a bit north of Tuna Walk
  • The Language Institute, further north and slightly west of Tuna Walk, which teaches most languages
  • The estates of the Fang, Hong, McSweeney, Sung, and Tang families, where you can join an agatean family and do missions for them
  • A spaceship
  • A ferry shop, where you can get a ride to the Brown Islands, in the middle of Tuna Walk
  • The Snail and the Medina, where you can be brutally attacked
  • Three takeaway restaurants, where you can make some money by making deliveries.

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