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Command information
GP Cost 50
Learnt At 25 of Fighting.special.tactics
Skills Used Fighting.special.tactics
Items Needed N/A
Guild Warriors

Berserk is a Warrior only command which is used to attempt to enter a state of mind where the warrior will deal damage faster and pay no regard to damage done to them.

While berserking, a warrior will get stat boosts of +1 to strength and dexterity. These do not stack with other stat boosts such as those received from iron gauntlets. They will be able to attack four times per heartbeat versus the two normal maximum and will not defend themselves from any attacks. Although they will not defend they will still receive an action point cost related to their defence whenever they are hit by an opponent.

The warrior also appears to receive a hit points increase of 50% (on top of the increase due to the gain in strength). research

In addition, the warrior will not be able to use research:

  • any fighting commands except warcry, feint and beat. Shove and trip perform the souls only. (Need to check bob)
  • rituals, memorized or from batons
  • ambush. Slip and palm work ok.
  • spells from scrolls




According to the help file: Your ability in fighting.special.tactics determines your chances of entering the state, which lasts longer with increasing skill and fighting points.

Berserk status lasts a number of seconds equal to the lesser of the gp spent and the warrior's fighting.special.tactics bonus.


If you wait for the effect to wear off normally, you will have to wait roughly 5 and a half minutes before being able to berserk again and suffer a stat penalty of -2 to strength and constitution for 15 minutes which drops to -1 each for 15 more minutes for 30 minutes in total. The Restore ritual will remove the stat penalty, but you'll still have to wait to berserk again.

The Soothe and Soothing Rain rituals will take you out of the berserker state with no such penalties, and will let you berserk again immediately.

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