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Command information
GP Cost 45
Learnt At 150 of fighting.special.weapon
Skills Used fighting.special.weapon (success of initiation) & fighting.melee.(weapon's own skill) (success and damage of execution)
Items Needed Weapons that allow behead
Guild Warriors

Behead is a warrior-only command that is used mid combat and can decapitate the target provided that it lands the deathblow. Whether a weapon is capable of beheading can be found through use of the judge command.

Pages that link to this page: mostly weapons that this command can be used with.


Behead can be learned at 150 levels of fighting.special.weapon from a guild instructor or from another player who has the command.


behead <target> with <weapon>
behead <target> <carefully|calmly|roughly|savagely|brutallye> with <weapon>
behead compare <zone 1> with <zone 2>

Behead styles

Damage, preparation difficulty, launch difficulty and guild point cost will depend on the style used. From weakest to most damaging the target zones and associated guild point cost are:

35gp (no style specified)
35gp carefully
35gp calmly
35gp roughly
40gp savagely
45gp brutally

Generally the launch difficulty is constant and the preparation difficulty scales with damage.

Behead messages

If a beheading results in the death of the target, a special death message is displayed.

  • The head of <target> drops onto the ground like a ball. Bounce, bounce, bounce.
  • The head of <target> falls heavily to the ground with a sickening crunch. Now *that* would have given a headache, if it could still feel.
  • The head of <target> flies off the neck and hits you in the face, spraying blood all over your body. Bath time!
  • The head of <target> is propelled from the body, which explodes like a nubile young person in bed with an experienced seamstress, gratuitously fountaining liquid over the area. Anyone have a cigarette?
  • The head of <target> is thrown back, and to the left. Back, and to the left. Back... and to the left.
  • The head of <target> levitates for a moment as the torso flops to the ground, before rolling off to the right.
  • The head of <target> looks confused for a second, before falling to the ground.
  • The head of <target> quivers a bit as it remains in place, perched atop its owner's corpse for a moment, then slowly slides off.
  • The head of <target> sails through the air in a graceful arc before landing with a very soggy squishing sound.
  • The head of <target> slides off its owner's corpse, upends, and lands upside down, helping to keep some of the blood from spilling.
  • The head of <target> spins around several times before falling to the ground after slowing to a stop like a top losing energy.
  • The head of <target> stays in place seemingly untouched. Only after the corpse falls to the ground does the head flop away from the torso.
  • The head of <target> whirls around several rotations on the neck before spinning off towards the ground, where it bounces a bit before coming to a rest.
  • The head of <target> falls to the ground and blood spurts in a magnificent fountain from where it used to be attached.
  • The head of <target> tips off to the left to hang by a small bit of flesh, before gravity has something to say about the matter and pulls it completely off the corpse, landing with a small bounce.

Related achievements

Beheading achievements belong to the warriors category.

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