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A beehive houses bees, which produce honey. Beehives are usually visited by witches, looking for honey to use in casting Mother Feelbright's Busy Bees.

Getting honey from a beehive

To get honey from a beehive:

  • Take the honeycombs out of it
  • Find a vessel (such as a bottle).
  • 'Shake <combs> into <vessel>'.

Beehive regeneration

Once a beehive has been emptied of its combs, it regenerates honey via the following stages:

  1. After about 15-30 minutes, combs will reappear. Initially they will have almost no honey in them.
  2. Over the next hour or so, the honey will build up inside the combs to the original maximum level.

Note that:

  • There is no way to determine how much honey is in a comb, other than to shake it out.
  • Casting Biddy Amble's Bee Buzzer on a hive increases its regeneration rate.
  • Each hive has by default 4 combs in it.


Beehives can be found in the following locations: