Beastiary map locations

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General Discworld locations for the bestiary

Cities and Towns

  • Population centers, by name
  • Includes locations such as Oasis, Chronides and Imbetos farmsteads, Necropolis, and so forth
  • Bes Pelargic includes Tuna Bay and waters surrounding Tang Estate, and Brown Islands include the lagoon
  • If a critter is found only within a certain subset of a larger city/town, may be prudent to list such.
  • For instance: Sto Lat (sewers) or Bes Pelargic (Tuna Bay)

Sur Terrains - Land

  • Sto Plains - east of Smarl and west of Rham Nitz bridge
  • Ramtops (lower) - east of Rham Nitz bridge and west of Lancre bridge
The "Octarine Grass Country", while similar to the Sto Plains grasslands, has some different NPCs; and humans will carry Lancre money
  • Ramtops (upper) - east of Lancre bridge and north of (and including) Black Glass; and south/east of Clacks bridge
  • Uberwald - south of Black Glass and north/west of Clacks bridge
  • Hubland - not very accurate paraphrase of terrains between Ramtops/Uberwald and the Counterweight Continent
  • Counterweight Continent - far northeast of Ramtops, across ithmus connector
  • Klatch - west of Smarl
  • Genua
  • Bois Forest

Sur Terrains - Water