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==References in game==
==References in game==
*Can be added as a symbol to [[Ug Ogg]]'s custom armour
*Can be added as a symbol to [[Ug Ogg]]'s custom armour
*Altar in Ephebe

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God information
Finger  ?
Areas Djelibeybi
Priests' Alignment min: ?

max: ?

Major Shield cloud of rat fur
Holy symbol
Finger Finger information on [1] (login required)

Finger information

Bast, God of Things Left on the Doorstep or Half-digested Under the Bed.

This cat-headed god fully embraces His feline nature. Hence He is sadistic, lazy, arrogant, narcissistic, and immensely proud of all of it. Following in
His lead, Bast's priests worship Him by worshipping themselves, and pursuing whatever self-serving whims might possess them. Some of His fanatics spend a
great deal of time tormenting small rodents if they can find them, or anything else if it is more convenient.

He currently can't be worshipped.

References in game

  • Can be added as a symbol to Ug Ogg's custom armour
  • Altar in Ephebe