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The Basilisk is a dangerous scaled creature living in a huge sand mound to the west of the Mountains of the Sun. It uses a paralytic gaze to hunt its prey.


Specific Dangers


Clothing which provides a cooling effect will help you survive the desert.

Gaze Attack

upon entering the room, a player with eyesight will become paralyzed for a short time, with the player's executed commands returning messages like "Arrrrgghhhh! Too much pain!" instead of the desired result. After 500-700 HP has been drained, the player will regain control of themselves, offering a chance to fight back.


This is still the desert, but appears to be some sort of creature's nest. An odd smell pervades the air here, one that is definitely on the unpleasant side of 'pungent'. The sand has been pushed aside into a large mound with a depression in the middle. Tracks are everywhere here, running over each other, making it hard to tell where they might be going.
It is an incredibly, unbelievably hot spindlewinter's morning with almost no wind and a beautifully clear sky.
There are eight obvious exits: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west and northwest.
A basilisk is standing here.


When its occupant is defeated, the nest may be searched for a weird plant. Basilisk corpses and body parts may be used for butchery purposes.