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A bank is a place where you can safely store your money. There are npc banks, as well as player-run ones.

There is a one-time fee to open an account, and a deposit fee every time you make a deposit (a percentage of the amount of the deposit).

If you have an account at a bank, you can access your balance from any of its branches. You deposit and withdraw money in the local currency only.

The command "balance book", used at any bank (whether npc or player-run), will give you a book that lists all of your bank accounts and their balances. If you already have a balance book in your inventory, this updates it for free--if not, there's a fee of &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 A$5 to get a new book.

The balances are listed both in the currency each bank uses[1], and in the local currency of the bank branch you last updated the balance book at. The last page tells you the total amount of money you have across all accounts.

NPC banks

There's no limit to the amount of money npc banks can hold, and they are permanent. However, they usually have higher deposit fees than player-run banks.

City Bank Branch location Cost to open account Deposit fee
AM Bing's Bank Upper Broadway 10%
AM Bing's Bank Street of Bookkeepers &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 $1 10%
AM Bing's Bank Brookless Lane 10%
AM Lancrastian Farmers' co-op Widdershins Broadway &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 $10 10%
AM Genua National Bank Phedre Road &&&&&&&&&&&+7800 $19.50 10%
BP First Imperial Bank of the Empire Market Street N/A 10%
BP First Imperial Bank of the Empire[2] Rhinu Road &&&&&&&&&&&+8160 17Rh 10%
Djb Klatchian Continental Bank east end of Market Street free 5%
Escrow Lancrastian Farmers' co-op south side of market 7%
Ephebe Bing's Bank Impartiality Avenue &&&&&&&&&&&&+960 S5|0de 10%
Ephebe Klatchian Continental Bank Logical Lane free 10%
Genua Genua National Bank Royal Avenue &&&&&&&&&&&+7800 2,6,0Gf 5%
Hillshire Bing's Bank Hillshire &&&&&&&&&&&&+500 $1.25 10%
Lancre Town Lancrastian Farmers' co-op East side of Lancre Town square free 2%
OC Lancrastian Farmers' co-op southwest corner of market &&&&&&&&&&&+1728 LC 1|0|0 3%
Sto Lat Bing's Bank King's Road 10%

Player-run banks

Bank counters of different capacities can be installed in player shops. Since they can only hold a certain amount of money, they must be maintained to make sure people can deposit and withdraw money.

While the shop in which the master counter is on auction operations on accounts cannot be made at the master bank counter, though it is still possible to withdraw and deposit money in accounts at branch counters.

If the master counter is trashed the accounts become unavailable until a new master counter with the same bank name is put back in the same shop. This probably also stops branch counters from working.research

The shop owner can set the deposit fees and the fees to open an account. The deposit rate is visible when you look at the counter:

A heavily armoured and hardwood counter with a safe embedded into the surface.  A logo marks this as a franchise of [bank].
A small sign indicates that the current deposit rate is [rate] and the owner is [owner].

For more info you can check the list of player shops, or the individual shop pages.

This table is automatically updated from individual shop pages, so edits should be made to them, not here.

City Bank Shop name Branch location Counter type Deposit fee Updated
DJB Nickett and Leggit The Vulgar Unicorn 14 Market Street, Northwest of bazaar Small 2021-02-28
DJB People's Bank of Klatch the People's Bank of Klatch 5 East Bazaar, southeast corner of Bazaar Master 4% 2021-01-10
Ephebe Nickett and Leggit Protection Racket Northwest corner, Southern Agora, Southern Gardens Small 5% 2021-01-10
AM Stabba Stabba's Bank 27 God Street, north side Master 3% 2021-08-13
AM Fluffy Rabbits The Bird of Paradise bank 5 Attic Bee Street, south side Master 4% 2021-01-10
AM Nickett and Leggit 8 Plaza of Broken Moons, southeast corner of Plaza 2021-08-04
Ohulan-Cutash Nickett and Leggit LLC Chelonia's Powdered Plastron 2 Quayside Way, near west end, a bit north medium 2021-05-10
BP Stabba Genuine Authentick Thynges Onna Wung-Chi 3a Wung-chi Lane, west of the dojo medium 5% 2021-05-10
BP Nickett and Leggit Nickett and Leggit LLC 132 Long Street, middle of northern Long Street Master 0-4% depending on GL 2021-01-10
BP Fluffy Rabbits More of Mirodar's Magics 18 Lover's Lane, northeast of the Medina Large 5% 2020-11-28
City Bank Shop name Branch location Counter type Deposit fee Updated

Bank short names

With the rental agreement for a player house you are renting you can change the bank from which your rent is taken from.

With "change bank list" you can list the short names for the banks with which you have accounts. Some of those might be player banks that no longer exist. The banks known to have existed are listed here.

Short Name Bank full name Type Master counter Comment
Bing's First Bing's Bank Npc Street of Bookkeepers, AM
Genua National Genua National Bank Npc Royal Avenue, Genua
Stabba Stabba's Bank Player 27 God Street, AM
LFC Lancrastian Farmers' co-op Npc Lancre Town square
The Pineapple ? Player 8 Plaza of Broken Moons (probably) Discontinued
People's Bank of Klatch The People's Bank of Klatch Npc 5 East Bazaar, Djb
FIB First Imperial Bank of the Empire Npc Rhinu Road, BP
Fluffy Rabbits The Bird of Paradise Bank Player 5 Attic Bee Street, AM
Klatchian Continental Klatchian Continental Bank Npc Market Street, Djb
OCDT's bank ? Player 3a Wung-chi Lane BP Discontinued
Nickett and Leggit Nickett and Leggit LLC Player 132 Long Street, BP

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  1. As determined by each bank's main branch.
  2. For this bank, you can only open an account at the branch on Rhinu Road. Before you can do this, you have to wait in the queue outside.