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A bank is a place where you can safely store your money. There are npc banks, as well as player-run ones.

There is a one-time fee to open an account, and a deposit fee every time you make a deposit (a percentage of the amount of the deposit).

If you have an account at a bank, you can access your balance from any of its branches. You deposit and withdraw money in the local currency only.

NPC banks

There's no limit to the amount of money npc banks can hold, and they are permanent. However, they usually have higher deposit fees than player-run banks.

City Bank Branch location Cost to open account Deposit fee
AM Bing's Bank Upper Broadway 10%
AM Bing's Bank Street of Bookkeepers 10%
AM Bing's Bank Brookless Lane 10%
AM Lancrastian Farmers' co-op Widdershins Broadway &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 $10 10%
AM Genua National Bank Phedre Road &&&&&&&&&&&+7800 $19.50 10%
BP First Imperial Bank of the Empire Market Street N/A 10%
BP First Imperial Bank of the Empire[1] Rhinu Road  ? 10%
Djb Klatchian Continental Bank east end of Market Street free 5%
Escrow Lancrastian Farmers' co-op south side of market 7%
Genua Genua National Bank Royal Avenue &&&&&&&&&&&+7800 2,6,0Gf 5%
Hillshire Bing's Bank Hillshire &&&&&&&&&&&&+500 $1.25 10%
Lancre Town Lancrastian Farmers' co-op East side of Lancre Town square free 2%
OC Lancrastian Farmers' co-op southwest corner of market &&&&&&&&&&&+1728 LC 1|0|0 3%
Sto Lat Bing's Bank King's Road 10%

Player-run banks

Bank counters of different capacities can be installed in player shops. Since they can only hold a certain amount of money, they must be maintained to make sure people can deposit and withdraw money.

The shop owner can set the deposit fees and the fees to open an account.

For more info you can check the list of player shops.

City Bank Shop name Branch location Counter type Deposit fee Updated
Djb People's Bank of Klatch the People's Bank of Klatch southeast corner Bazaar master 3% 2010-03-02
AM People's Bank of Klatch The People's Bank in AM 28 God Street (SW) huge 8% 2010-03-02
OC People's Bank of Klatch Dialacomponents Northeast Market huge 10% 2010-03-02
BP People's Bank of Klatch La Vache 2 The Merchant's Market, Golden Sow Lane huge 8% 2010-03-03
BP People's Bank of Klatch Chaser's Market 2a Market Street (no prefix) 10% 2010-03-03
BP People's Bank of Klatch The Klatchian Outpost 3a Wung-chi Lane huge 8% 2010-03-03
AM Fluffy Rabbits's Bank (Bird of Paradise) The Bird of Paradise Bank 5 Attic Bee Street master 3% 2010-03-02
BP Fluffy Rabbits's Bank (Bird of Paradise) Thunderdome 5 Way of the Dragon huge 14% 2010-03-02
BP Fluffy Rabbits's Bank (Bird of Paradise) Fifteen 18 Lover's Lane huge 14% 2010-03-02
AM Stabba's Bank Stabba's Bank 27God Street (N) master 2% 2010-03-02
OC Stabba's Bank Dialascrolls Southwest Market huge 1% 2010-03-02
Escrow Stabba's Bank The Kimori Emporium 10 (southeast corner) town square small 3% 2010-03-02
BP Stabba's Bank Loot and Stash 24 High Tide Road huge 8% 2010-03-03
BP Stabba's Bank Amaranth's Market 22 The Serpent small 13% 2010-03-03
BP Stabba's Bank G-Mart 11 Phoenix Ave small 3% 2010-03-03
BP Stabba's Bank The Fairer Hex 132 (middle of) Long Street large 5% 2010-03-02
City Bank Shop name Branch location Counter type Deposit fee Updated

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  1. For this bank, you can only open an account at the branch on Rhinu Road. Before you can do this, you have to wait in the queue outside.