Banishing of Unnatural Urges

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Banishing of Unnatural Urges is a defensive witch spell that increases the target's resistance to temptation. research


This spell can be learned at 25 levels of magic.spells.defensive, and is taught by Granny Weatherwax and Aunty Ogg-San.

Magick crystal

This spell may be imbued into magick crystals, which when worn give the wearer similar benefits to the spell. Crystals imbued with this spell are ruby in colour.


This spell requires 25gp to cast.


The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


This spell does not require any components to cast.

Casting messages

You prepare to cast Banishing of Unnatural Urges on yourself.
You tune out the noises around you and focus on the almost imperceptible 
whispering floating around your ears.
Your burning desires, in the form of two tiny red imps, suddenly appear on 
your shoulders, their hands cupped to your ears.
The imps fall silent under the weight of your stare.
You say: Buggeroff, you lot.
The two imps shrug, climb down from your shoulder and wander off, arguing 
over who to tempt next.
You feel more able to withstand temptation.
The two imps shrug, climb down from your shoulder and wander away, arguing over who to tempt next.

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