Banishing of Prying Eyes

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Spell Crystal
Banishing of Prying Eyes
Spell information
Nickname bpe
Guild Witches
Type Defensive
Description Helps prevent scrying.
GP cost 25
Mind space 5
Thaums 1
Components none
Crystal Jet black
Banishing of Prying Eyes
Magick crystal information
Colour Jet black
Effect Flashes when wearer is scryed
Duration (s) 15 seconds per amulet bonus
Duration (l) 30 seconds per amulet bonus

Banishing of Prying Eyes is a defensive witch spell that turns the air around the target detrotsid (that's 'distorted' backwards...). Such air is very difficult for air distortions to penetrate and gives people surrounded by it a bonus to resist scrying attempts.


This spell may be learned at 25 levels of magic.spells.defensive, and is taught by Granny Weatherwax and Aunty Ogg-San.

Magick crystal

This spell may be imbued into a magick crystal, which will turn it jet black.

Magick crystals imbued with this spell do not behave quite the same way the spell does:


This spell costs 25 GP to cast, and takes up 5 units of mind space. It may be cast on any living target.


Focus tea results
105 120 135 150 165 180 195 210 225 240 255

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell (none of them are primary for Witches):


This spell does not require any components to cast.

Casting messages


You stare at the space in front of <target> until your vision blurs and the air around you distorts.
You fix your gaze on a particularly solid looking bit of air and, when it starts to take shape, viciously jab your finger in its eye.
The air distortion yelps in pain and trembles.
You exclaim: And tell all your friends!


As the distortion disappears, the air around <target> undistorts so sharply that it snaps all the way through clear and out the other side.
You feel protected from prying eyes.

What others see

<caster>'s eyes glaze over and start to water.
<caster> jabs her finger in the air.
The air in front of <target> shimmers and distorts.
The air stops shimmering and becomes unnaturally clear around <target>.

Non caster target sees

Same as above except for the last line:

The air around you shudders violently and becomes strangely detrotsid.


Uses standard spell failures.

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