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==Related achievements==
==Related achievements==
Bandaging achievements belong to the [http://discworld.atuin.net/lpc/secure/achievements.c?category=social social category].
Bandaging achievements belong to the [http://discworld.atuin.net/lpc/secure/achievements.c?category=social social category].
*[http://discworld.atuin.net/lpc/secure/achievements.c?details=band%20aid Band Aid]
*{{achievement|Band Aid}}
*[http://discworld.atuin.net/lpc/secure/achievements.c?details=boo%20boo%20fixer Boo Boo Fixer]
*{{achievement|Boo Boo Fixer}}
*[http://discworld.atuin.net/lpc/secure/achievements.c?details=mummifier Mummifier]
==External links==
==External links==

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Bandage is a command which allows you to apply a bandage to yourself or another living thing in the same room. If successful, the target will regenerate HP at an increased rate.

Command details

The bandage command requires 25 levels of crafts.medicine.firstaid to learn, and is usually taught by other players.
Each bandaging attempt costs 15 craft GP and requires a bandage (consumed).

Your bonus in crafts.medicine.firstaid not only determines the amount of HP regenerated, but the percentage of the target's total GP which is required for bandaging to be successful. i.e. With a low bonus, you will only be able to bandage yourself/others who are slightly hurt, while someone with a high bonus can succeed on patients in bad shape.

The lower the target's percentage of HP, the harder it is to succeed - and the larger the chance of a TM. As a rough guide, a 250 bonus allows bandaging at ~50% HP.

Bandage details

Bandaging uses strips of cloth which can be produced by tearing clothing or other items made of cloth. Only strips made of certain types of cloth are suitable for use as bandages. The description of an appropriate strip of cloth will contain the line "It is strong enough to bind even the nastiest flesh wounds." The help file for 'tear' lists appropriate materials.

The size and condition of an item determines how many strips can be produced by tearing it - this is not skill-checked.

The bandage is consumed on a success or a fail.

Skills used

  • crafts.medicine.firstaid (success and effectiveness of bandaging)
  • covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand (remaining hidden while bandaging)

Related achievements

Bandaging achievements belong to the social category.

External links