Bad Ass

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To the north of Bad Ass is Brass Neck, to the south is Lancre Town.

Language and currency

Morporkian is spoken in Bad Ass, and the local currency is the Lancre crown.


The short main road runs southwest to northeast through the village. Granny Weatherwax's cottage can be reached from the SW end, while a smaller road branches off northwards from the middle into a small collection of houses.


  • Flossette Crossweave, the village tailor, can embroider symbols onto items of clothing.
  • There is a smithy at the northern end of the village.



  • Martha Headlock runs the general store at the SW end of the village.
  • Goodie Darncliff's utensil shop is in the middle of the village.
  • The Bad Ass Tailor sells various sewing and embroidery equipment, as well as backpacks and practical clothing.
  • A bakery at the northern end of the village sells various cakes, breads and rolls.
  • Mrs. Shepston sells fleeces from her house in the north of the village.



The following unique NPCs can be found in Bad Ass:

  • The Smith family: Cern Smith, Gordo Smith and Mrs. Smith.
  • The Shepston familt: Hanlo Shepston and Mrs. Shepston.
  • Kev Ogg
  • A white cat
  • Various NPCs at Granny Weatherwax's cottage.
  • Flossette Crossweave - runs the tailors shop.
  • Goodie Darncliff - runs the utensil shop.
  • Martha Headlock - runs the general store.

The following generic NPCs can be found in Bad Ass:

  • Children
  • Shepherds
  • Villagers