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A long-standing bug with the Backstab command was fixed on 28th April 2011. However, this bug had become so ingrained in the game that, for example, many weapons appear to have been designed to work with the bug.

This discussion page is for people to suggest how they think Backstab should work. I know that's not the normal use of a wiki discussion page, but it wasn't being used for anything else.

Please Do Not Edit Other People's Ideas or explain why other people's ideas are wrong! Instead, just add your own thoughts on how backstab should work.

Zexium's Ideas

I think backstab should only work for weapons with a pierce damage component, the command is back_STAB_ after all.

A pure pierce weapon is probably easier to backstab with compared to a mixed damage type weapon.

A heavier / longer / wider weapon is probably harder to wield covertly, but probably does more damage.

Lighter weapons can probably be manipulated faster (number of hits per weapon) than heavier weapons.

I'd suggest that the lightest fastest daggers might be capable of as many as 4 or even 5 stabs in a combat heartbeat when wielded skillfully. I'd think that the number of actions in a single heartbeat would be a reasonable limiting factor.

"Shock and Awe" effect is probably down to the surprise of the attack, so a feature of the and co.stealth.* skills.

Damage caused is down to the ability to plunge the weapon into the target, so a feature of the weapon skill and the weapon itself.

"Mug" might be an alternative for blunt weapons, although this take on "mug" might not be what the thieves would expect mug to be.

Llylia's Ideas