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Command information
GP Cost 40
Learnt At 50 in covert.casing.person
Skills Used covert.items.weapons (except chop)
covert.stealth.** (chop)
fighting.range.{thrown|fired} (ranged/musical)
fighting.melee.dagger (stab)
fighting.melee.sword (behead)
fighting.unarmed.grappling (garrot)
fighting.unarmed.striking (chop)
Items Needed Weapons that allow inhumes
Guild Assassin Guilds

Assess is a covert command used to estimate the difficulty of inhuming an NPC or another player with a chosen method, as well as the potential price of placing a contract on that character. This command is not PK checked, and may be used on non-playerkillers and non-contractable NPCs.



assess <sucker> with <weapon>
assess <sucker> by performing with <instrument>

assess <sucker> by stabbing with <weapon> - for assassins
assess <sucker> by beheading with <weapon> - for hashishim
assess <sucker> by garroting with <weapon> - for mano rossa
assess <sucker> with ninja chop - for ninja