Assassins' Loft Building

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Once every year the lofts atop the infamous Ankh-Morpork Assassins Guild are taken apart and each house must scramble to rebuild them before any of the others, and build the best loft. How good your loft is depends on what materials you use in building it, however, and how good the materials are depends on how much each item is worth.


Loft building materials fall under these categories:

Supports Rusted Iron Post ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Value 0.16 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Walls Rusted Iron Sheet Rotten Oak Plank Broken Pine Tabletop Gnarled Wooden Plank ? ? ? ? ? ?
Value 0.16 0.16 0.61 0.47 ? ? ? ? ?
Struts Thin Black Beam ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Value 0.99 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Roofing Peeling Tile Faded Tile Cracked Tile Black Glazed Tile Red Glazed Tile Sooty Tile ? ? ? ?
Value 0.16 0.61 0.32 1.23 1.12 0.74 ? ? ?
Doors Privy Door ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Value 0.32 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

The condition of a would-be loft component can be seen by appraising it, though, having been found on the streets of Ankh-Morpork, don't expect them to be in even passably poor condition.

How To Build a Loft

Getting Started

So, by now you will be wondering 'How do I get some of these wonderful items?' The answer? Hit the streets!

You can possibly buy items in some shops, if you look hard enough. This is frowned upon by the Guild, however, as being unsporting. The correct way to get supplies is to search along the streets. You will probably find more junk and useless items than A class building material, but never fear! This is why you have a full month to make a loft.

From The Bottom Up

You say you have all the planks in Ankh-Morpork, but are unable to add them to make the walls? This is either because Sandelfon frowns upon your endeavors, or because you don't have any supports up yet.

You have to build a loft from the bottom up. This means putting on supports, then making walls, then adding beams, and finally adding roofing tiles and such. The door is added last. This may seem inconvenient, but have you ever tried building window for a house that doesn't have walls yet?

Keeping Your Feet on the Ground

You know you must build you loft from the bottom up. This does have advantages, however. So long as there is a single roofing tile on the loft, opposing houses can't nick your beams. So long as there is a beam, your walls are safe. Your walls act as an impenetrable shield for your supports. I think the door has to be nicked before the tiles can be taken.


Yes, that's right! You can guard your loft from mischievous assassins who would have the tiles off your roof given the chance. If you are guarding the loft, I think there's a skill check against anyone trying to nick your stuff. If you win, the opposing assassin is booted from the building area.

That Finishing Touch

You're finally done with your loft? Good for you! Now, you need your house's Head Master or Mistress to add that last tile before your loft is officially Completed. I think this means no one can nick stuff from the loft, but it also means you can't work on it anymore.

Going on the Offense


Of course there are always those who would drag down the other houses in order to push themselves that little bit ahead. This is perfectly acceptable by the Guild. Any assassin may try to nick, or steal, building materials already added to an opposing house's loft without fear of retribution. Of course the success of an attempt can vary depending on your skill, the weight of the item, whether anyone is guarding that item, etc.

Knowing Your Luck

Due to some uncouth assassins who would steal everything from an opposing house's loft in one go, a theft limit has been put on each loft. Any given player can only steal three items from each loft within a set amount of time. Of course, if you nick stuff from all the lofts, three items per loft can add up...

From The Top Down

Yes, it's true! You can't steal walls from a loft with supports, in the same way that you can't pick yourself up by taking hold of your boots and pulling. This means you have to begin stealing from the top down, starting with the roofing tiles (or door, I'm not sure which).


The Loft

So What's In This for Me?

House Benefits

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