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This article is about assassins as a whole. For the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins, see Guild of Assassins.

Not to be confused with common thugs, ruffians and mercenaries (see the Warriors' Guild for those), assassins are highly-trained individuals who employ their prodigious skills only in exchange for a hefty lump sum. Both their customers and their clients can be assured that they will always receive the very best, even if they don't really want it.

There are four guilds for assassins, divided by region: the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins (also known as the Conlegium Sicariorum) in Ankh-Morpork, the Ninja in Bes Pelargic, the Hashishim in Klatch and the Mano Rossa in Genua.


Each specialisation is run by an elected player. They also have other positions that are unique to it, some elected and some appointed by the guild leader. All guild leaders may be removed by means of a Vote of no Confidence, and whilst the criteria to start one varies between the guilds, they usually require the starter and supporter to be over 10 days old.

Each guild leader is capable of setting a list of rules which can be viewed in their guild houses (there are ways to view it whilst on the move, unique to each specialisation). A guild leader has the choice to sanction a player if they feel they have broken the rules.


These seven skills are primary skills of all Assassin specialiations:

covert.hiding.person covert.items.weapons
covert.lockpick.doors covert.points
covert.stealth.inside covert.stealth.outside

Each specialization has eight additional primaries:

Covert Conlegium Sicariorum Hashishim Mano Rosa Ninja
covert.casing.person No Yes Yes No
covert.hiding.object No Yes No No
covert.items.poisons Yes No No Yes
covert.items.traps Yes No Yes No
covert.lockpick.traps Yes No Yes Yes
covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand No No No Yes
Fighting Conlegium Sicariorum Hashishim Mano Rosa Ninja
fighting.melee.dagger Yes Yes Yes No
fighting.melee.sword No Yes No Yes
fighting.range.thrown Yes Yes Yes No
fighting.range.fired Yes No No Yes
fighting.unarmed.grappling No No Yes No
fighting.unarmed.striking No No No Yes
Other Conlegium Sicariorum Hashishim Mano Rosa Ninja
people.culture.agatean No No No Yes
adventuring.movement.climbing.rock Yes Yes Yes No
adventuring.movement.climbing.rope Yes Yes No Yes
adventuring.movement.climbing.tree No No Yes No
adventuring.movement.riding.camel No Yes No No


These commands are exclusive to this guild.

* These commands are also shared with the Thieves' Guild.

Guild Comparison

On of the biggest and most obvious differences to other guilds is that Assassins are forced to become playerkillers at a certain guild level. Otherwise they will be unable to advance their skills past a certain skill level. This is often tied to some tests, for example the Run in the case of the AM Assassins' Guild.

The guilds offer primaries in covert and some in fighting.

Assassins can initiate combat with backstab and flee combat through abscond, while directly starting to lay an ambush, hide or turn to sneaking. These commands help them greatly in doing quite a lot of damage in a short amount of time, going away and doing quite a lot of damage again.

The Assassins often get compared with the Thieves' Guild, because both of them share these two commands and both focus heavily on covert skills. The primaries of the Assassins offer a bit more on the fighting side, which help them out in the beginning, as they can save up to 25,467,968 XP[1] for dodging in comparison to the thieves more fighty specialisations.

Because of the cost curve for advancing and bonuses, the differences in fighting skills become smaller and smaller later on, so that only the offered commands are a big difference.

Some say that the Thieves are the better "assassins", because they gain the filch command. Filch is the only command which can be used in combat and allows a thief to steal held or worn item. It's therefore a command which can be a big advantage in a fight between players, especially when they're quite even in skills and commands.

Exclusive to the Assassins are the assess and inhume commands.

Both of them are only used in the inhumation of NPC's or playerkillers. These commands only work when a contract is put onto a target, giving the player the chance for an instant-kill attack on the target. These inhumations are policed by the guild, e.g. the looting of a killed contract or the movement of the body might be restricted. So they're not fighting commands, nor commands for personal fun.

  1. Number from http://bonuses.irreducible.org/teachcost.php for teaching oneself from level 0 to 300.

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