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Potion information
Other names
Effect Cures poison
Brewed  ?
Glance  ?
Look  ?
Basil, fennel, ground arachnid.
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Antivenom is a potion which cures the drinker of any poisons they may be suffering from.

Making antivenom

Antivenom is made from basil, fennel and ground arachnid. It must be brewed by a witch in order to be effective.

The potency of antivenom is proportional to the brewing bonus of the witch who brewed it; a more potent antivenom potion requires the drinker to imbibe less in order to cure themself.


Drinking sufficient quantity of an antivenom will cure the drinker of all poisons they are suffering from, including:

The poisons that can be cured with antivenom usually cause stats damage, health points drain or both.

The cure is instantaneous on drinking, the poison's effects cease to apply. It does not provide any protection against future poisoning - this is a cure, not a vaccine.

Note that a sufficient quantity must be drank in one go in order to get the effect - if it takes 3/100 of a bottle to cure, then drinking 2/100 twice will not work.