Antique short sword

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Antique short sword
Weapon information
Precise dimensions No information
Material No information
Weight 3.33 lb
Thaums/sec  ? stable / ? talisman / ? max
Hands 1
Commands Slash Stab Iai
Melee type Sword
Judge data
No melee judge information

Long Description

This appears to be a rather old short sword. The hilt is wound with red leather and its end is shaped like an owl sitting on a shield. On the blade itself the words "Royal Ankhe-Morepork Citie Watch & Ward" are engraved on one side and on the other "FABRICATI DIEM, PVNCTI AGVNT CELERITER".

Appraises As

The antique short sword is about three feet long and four inches wide. It is made of steel and could be used as a weapon of type sword.


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